Jamberry: Not Your Mother’s “Hen Party”


Sometimes when I mention having a Jamberry Party to a potential Hostess, I will see this “look” come into their eyes.  What it is, I could never quite put my finger on until a few weeks ago.  That is when someone said to me, “Oh…I would…but honestly, I just don’t think my friends can be still or quiet for that long!” Now, it was said with a smile and not unkindly…but it got me thinking.  Why ARE people hesitant to have in-home parties?  The ones I have done as a Jamberry consultant have been a HOOT!  So…here is a list of potential reasons why someone wouldn’t have a Jamberry party.  Let’s see if your reasons are on that list and what I can do to change your mind!

  1. I remember my mom doing “parties” and they were boring!
    RESPONSE: I remember them too…and they WERE!  But in a Jamberry Party, it isn’t about holding up product and telling you about it.  An in home Jamberry party is completely interactive!  I will tell you about Jamberry, sure…but I do it while you are actually TRYING it!  Nail Wraps, Lacquers, and very soon, GEL NAILS!  If you allow me into your home with you and your friends, I won’t just TELL you why Jamberry is an amazing product, I will SHOW you!
  2. All those Direct Sales Products are too expensive. Me and my friends don’t have a lot of money to spend on that stuff.
    RESPONSE: I get it! I don’t have a lot of money either!  But Jamberry is actually a bargain when you break it down! Each sheet costs $15 and on each sheet of Jamberry Nail wraps, you will get enough wraps to do 2 full manicures and 2 full pedicures with some left over to use as accent nails or possible trim down to get yet another manicure or pedicure!  To make it an even BETTER deal, all of the regular wraps are Buy 3 Get 1 Free!  That makes the cost $11.25 per sheet.  And, since the wraps last up to 2 weeks on fingers and up to 6 weeks on toes, that is $15 or less for a whole month’s worth of pretty nails! A single trip to a salon costs more than that!
  3. Most of my friends have Acrylic Nails.
    RESPONSE: Good News!  Jamberry Nail Wraps work on Acrylic Nails just the same as they do on natural nails!  There are several different removal methods that do not involve harsh chemicals that would damage acrylics and I would be happy to tell you about them!  And don’t forget, Jamberry has amazing salon quality lacquers as well! I have several customers who go to a salon who take their Jamberry lacquers with them for the nail tech to use instead of the in house polishes.  And just so you know, in the new Fall Catalog coming out September 1, there are more colors than EVER to choose from!  More than 35 different colors ranging from classic to trendy.  Even better news is that starting with the Fall Catalog, you can build your own set of 4 and save money!

  4. My house is too small to host a party like that.
    RESPONSE: I am telling y’all right now…I live in a cracker box, so I get it!  Many places have spaces that can be reserved for free!  Restaurants, clubs, community buildings, I can do a demo anywhere!  All I need is a table and an electric outlet!
  5. I don’t want to have to buy all kinds of special tools to apply them at home.
    RESPONSE: You don’t have to!  Yes, Jamberry has and recommends their Mini Heater and Application kit to make sure you have the best quality tools for the easiest possible application, but you don’t HAVE to have them. A hair dryer will work in place of the Mini-Heater, and the tools in the Application Kit are things that you probably have anyway.  Besides, if you host a Jamberry Party, you can use your Hostess Rewards to possibly get those items FREE or at a discount (up to 1/2 off!).
  6. I don’t have time to spend preparing snacks for all those people.
    RESPONSE: So don’t!  We can do a Themed Party where you provide 1 or 2 simple things, and everyone else brings something to go with it!  How about a Mexican Themed Build Your Own Nacho party where you provide chips, and everyone brings 1 topping!  Maybe you would like to have a wine tasting party?  Everyone can bring a bottle of their favorite wine, you buy some small “sampling” cups and everyone tries something different! I am VERY creative when it comes to stuff like this!  I would be happy to brainstorm and come up with a fun and unique idea for your party that takes the pressure off you!
  7. But I don’t live anywhere near you or any other consultant.
    RESPONSE: Thanks to modern technology, you don’t HAVE to live close!  I can do a party completely online on FaceBook, or I can send you everything you need to do a catalog party!  True, I won’t be there to demonstrate application, removal, etc…but I have ways around that!  I am happy to send samples to your FaceBook guests or to you to pass out to your friends along with catalogs!  I have videos that demonstrate the application and removal process to post, and I have written instructions for a catalog party.  If your guests have questions, obviously all they have to do in an online party is post their question.  Otherwise, I will provide you with several different ways to contact me so that I can answer any questions you or your friends may have!

So…any other reasons NOT to have a Jamberry Party?  If so, leave a comment and challenge me to work around your specific situation!  If I have already addressed your concerns, what are you waiting for??  Contact me using the info on the right or go to MY JAMBERRY PAGE and select “Host” at the top, and I will be happy to set your party up and put you on your way to earning some GREAT hostess rewards!

If you have never heard of Jamberry, or if you have heard of it but never tried it and would like to before deciding if this is something your friends would also enjoy, REQUEST A FREE SAMPLE HERE


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