Love the Lacquers


I have to be totally honest here.  When I first signed up to sell Jamberry in September of last year, I thought, “OK, $15 for a sheet of wraps?  Totally affordable!”  But then I saw that they had Lacquers too and they are ALSO $15.  At that point, I thought to myself (and maybe even said it to a few people) “Wait, $15 for a bottle of NAIL POLISH???  Thanks but NO!”  I honestly thought that there was NO WAY I would EVER pay $15 for a bottle of nail polish.  Then, after my launch party I had some crazy Hostess Rewards to spend so I figured since I would be selling them, I should at LEAST try some so I can speak about them with some authority.  I learned a valuable lesson about Jamberry the day my order arrived.  The fact is, you really DO get what you pay for!  I have since given or thrown away just about every bottle of Nail Polish in my bathroom cabinet.  I no longer refer to Jamberry Lacquers as “Nail Polish” because honestly, they are SO much more.  I am now an admitted “Jamberry Lacquer Junkie”.  I will tell you why…

First of all, the coverage.  We have all seen those gorgeous dark colors that we can’t WAIT to wear, but then find out that in order to get it to look on our nails like it does in the bottle, it requires 4 or 5 coats!  Who has time for that??  While it is true that some of the Jamberry colors require 2 coats, many of them give full coverage with just ONE coat.  The first color I tried was the “Raven” and as you can guess, it is black.  I applied just One Coat and it was covered.  No thin spots, no streaking.  The picture below is that first application.  That is one coat of “Raven” with “Love Struck Glitter Top Coat” over it.


The second reason I am completely in love with the lacquers is the dry time.  We have all done the Flap Dance.  You know the one where you wave your hands around like a maniac trying to make your polish dry faster so you can put the next coat on? Yeah…great workout for your wrists, but other than than, not very effective.  After I painted that pinky nail, I went on to paint the rest.  By the time I got the first coat on all my nails, that pinky was already what I cal “touch dry”.  Yeah, if I would have hit it on something hard, or used pressure and rubbed across it, it probably would have smudged, but to have it just set in that amount of time…I had never had that happen with any of my store bought polishes.  It wasn’t much longer until it was completely dry!

Another thing I love about the Jamberry Lacquers is the Glitter Top Coats.  I LOVE me some bling so I have always been frustrated with other glitter polishes that barely left any glitter at all on my nail.  The Jamberry Glitters are LOADED with glitter!  One coat, and you have a beautiful sparkling accent over your lacquer.  Add another coat or 2 and you have some serious full on dazzle!  The picture below shows 2 coats of “Stardust Glitter Top Coat” over a coat of “Frosting” lacquer on the accent nail.  I just wish the picture shows how much sparkle it had in the sun!  GORGEOUS!!


So, because of all these reasons and more, I am really excited for the new Fall Catalog on September 1! With the introduction of the TruShine Gel System, Jamberry has really stepped up their lacquer game.  In past catalogs, they have offered 20 or so lacquer colors, 4 glitters, 2 base coats and a clear top coat.  In the new catalog, there are approximately 40 different colors to choose from.  They have added a new glitter, AND a new Quick Dry Top Coat!  My inner Lacquer Lover is in HEAVEN!  The colors range from Subtle to Edgy and from Classic to Trendy.  (Pssst…look at the pic at the top of this post to get a peek at some of the amazing new colors!) In addition, they are adding the ability to build your own Colour Suite (Formerly known as Lacquer Sets).  You can choose from colors, glitters, base coats and top coats to make a set that is exactly what you want!  They still have 3 pre-made Colour Suites that each contain 1 exclusive color that can ONLY be purchased in the set, so of course, I will have to have those too! LOL    There are 2 sets, “Rock On” and “Chill Out” that are retiring.  I have both of these and they are amazing, so if you want that custom color for each set, you only have a few days left to order!  The “Fairy Tale” set will still be available.  Here are the 2 brand new Colour Suite offerings that will be taking their places.

20665668840_2919543315_o 20853725675_8fde722669_o

And just to show you that I am not kidding about my addiction…here is a pic of my personal lacquers.  Keep in mind tho, I took this pic a couple months ago and since then I have added at least 10 more bottles to my collection.  What can I say…My Name is Robin, and I am a Jamberry Lacquer Addict…



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