Pretty Nails Start with Healthy Nails

We talk a lot about having “Pretty Nails” in Jamberryland, but the truth is, as pretty as all those colors and patterns are, the important thing is what your nails look like UNDERNEATH the “pretty”.  Are they peeling, dry, brittle or too soft?  Maybe you have a problem getting the wraps to adhere properly because your nails are so uneven where layers have peeled from your tips.  You wouldn’t build a new house on an old, crumbling foundation would you?  Of course not! You would want that foundation to be strong, well maintained and ready to support whatever structure you put on it!  Your real, natural nails are the foundation of ANY manicure whether you wear wraps, prefer the lacquers or even go to a salon!


I think that the most important thing to do for your nails is HYDRATE!  No, I don’t mean soaking your nails in a little bowl of water.  I mean hydrate from the inside out!  Water!  Drink lots and lots of water!  I will admit, I am not a big water drinker, BUT in the past month, I have tried to drink at least 64 oz a day, and you know what??  Not only is the new growth on my nails stronger and healthier, I FEEL better in general!  So, swap out a couple of those sodas a day for some nice, clear water!

Beauty Boost

Many of us (myself included) don’t get the vitamins and nutrients we need through what we eat every day.  I am the first to admit that my diet isn’t exactly healthy.  In fact, I sometimes find myself thinking that I eat like my parents are gone for the weekend!  I tend to go for what is fast and easy.  That means that it isn’t usually the healthiest choice.  To offset my rotten choices (Yeah…yeah…I am working on it! LoL) I decided to try Jamberry’s Beauty Boost Multi-Vitamin.  It started out as another one of those “Well, if I am selling it, I should at least TRY it” situations, but again, I was impressed beyond my expectations.  In the spirit of full disclosure…I am currently out of these, but I have my list sitting here for the next order I plan to place on September 1, and they are on that list!  These are a biotin rich formula, and not only are the good for your nails, they are also good for your hair and skin!  And, at only $25 for a month’s supply, the price is comparable with other multivitamins on the market.    These do NOT replace a healthy diet by any means…but they do help with what my nails, skin and hair need!


So, we talked about healthy nails starting on the inside, but what about the outside?  Jamberry has something for that too!  The Indulgence Hand Care Set is true to it’s name!  Every time I use it, I feel like I am indulging and pampering myself!  The 4 piece set will keep your hands (and even your feet) looking and feeling FABULOUS! I have been using this since about 2 months after I first signed with Jamberry and I am hooked!  I use it on my hands, and on my feet to keep them soft, nourished, and hydrated even in the winter months!


The last thing I want to specifically mention is Jamberry’s Cuticle Oil.  This comes in a bottle AND in a brush pen for convenience.  While wearing wraps and lacquers, your nails are protected from the oils and moisture that they normally come into contact with every day.  Cuticle oil is the final step in your manicure.  It is specifically formulated to keep your cuticles and nails moisturized through the life of your manicure.  Just brush a little bit on your cuticle area once or twice a day and massage it in.  That’s it!  I keep mine beside my “TV Seat” and grab it in the evenings while watching TV.  Since I got into the habit of using the cuticle oil daily, I have seen a definite improvement in my actual nails when I remove the wraps.


Of course, Jamberry has other products that have been designed and formulated to do the job they need to do while keeping your nails as healthy as possible.  I honestly use them all!  Non-Acetone Lacquer and Wrap Remover, Nail Cleanser, Cuticle Oil, Cuticle Remover, and the tools found in the Application Kit!  Jamberry does nothing BUT Nails and Nail Care, so their standards for quality are pretty high and it shows in the finished product!  Even if (God Forbid) I had to give up my Jamberry Business tomorrow, I would continue to use these products exclusively because I truly believe they are the absolute best on the market today.  You can go to my site to see and learn more about their entire line of Nail Care and Hand Care products.


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