Because of Jamberry…

This post is a little more personal that my usual posts, but ya know what?  I am gonna write it anyway.  I have gone back and forth on this but in the end, I decided that if even one person finds it who can identify and find a bit of their own self worth from it, then it NEEDS to be out there.  Deep Breath…and here we go…

Since I signed up to do Jamberry almost a year ago, I have been encouraged and even flat out asked several times to make videos for various reasons.  I never have.  Oh…it isn’t that I didn’t WANT to!  I mean, I saw the potential for a YouTube series on various Jamberry topics such as new catalogs, application tricks, and new product demos.  I know that online parties can be a bit impersonal and am aware that a quick “Hi! I am Robin” intro video posted to an online party can create a more personal connection to the hostess as well as the guests.  But, never once did I even consider actually doing one.  The reason is a bit embarrassing for me, but I am willing to share.  It was because of my teeth.  The combination of unfortunate genetics and insufficient dental insurance led to me being unwilling to put my face out there for fear that the ONLY thing people would see would be my teeth. They were HORRIBLE!  Yes…I said WERE!!!

If you look at the dates of my posts, you will see that I went 2 days without posting anything.  That is because on Friday, I finally did it!  I got my teeth fixed!  At this point you may be thinking, “Oh…OK…now she is going to tell us that “Because of Jamberry” she made enough money to fix them”.  NOPE!  I’m not going to tell you that because it isn’t the money that came from Jamberry…it is the confidence and self worth!  Now that isn’t to say that by the time it is over I won’t have used Jamberry money to pay a big chunk of my dental work off…but this is more about what motivated me to actually go and have them fixed now after all this time. Before Jamberry, I just didn’t think that I was was worth that kind of investment.  I knew I was looking at about $10,000 in dental work and I just couldn’t seem to justify spending that kind of money on myself.  Yes, my mouth hurt pretty much all the time, and as much as I love to laugh and talk to people I had become so self conscious about it that it was hard to get me out of the house to go anywhere socially.

But then, along came Jamberry…

At first, I was attracted to being a consultant mainly to earn my own product free or at a discount.  PLUS, I could do it online.  Yup…when I started, that was my big plan!  Be the consultant behind the curtain!  Then I did a couple of in home parties for people who already knew me in person and I realized how much I ENJOYED that interaction…but I still held back.  Doing parties for people I already knew was hard enough…but who would want to book parties from a gap-tooth woman they don’t know?  So, I didn’t really try all that hard to get those bookings from friends of friends or that really nice girl I met online who complimented my nails even after I found out she lives just 10 miles from me.

As time passed, I discovered something…Jamberry had become MORE than “something to do” and something more important to me than just a way to get my own wraps for free or cheap.  One day, I realized that I truly ENJOYED doing this.  I love the product, I love the people, and I am as excited about it now as I was the first time I saw it.  Yes ladies and gentlemen…I finally understood that this is something I want to do 100%. That lead to the understanding that since I am doing OK while holding myself back, I could do GREAT if I gave it my all.  To quote the diabolical but lovable Gru…”LIIIGHT-BUUULB”  It was like all of a sudden, I got it…I AM WORTH IT!  Yes! I AM worth the investment it would take to get my teeth fixed!  I am NOT just another chick who is dabbling in Direct Sales…I am actually GOOD at it!  So…because of Jamberry, I finally had the confidence and self-worth to do what I have been putting off for years.  I no longer felt like I needed to justify spending time or money on myself.  Even if I never sell another nail wrap or bottle of lacquer, the things that my journey has taught me will stick with me forever.  The biggest of those lessons is that I am important. I deserve to be happy, and confident and to feel beautiful!

And right now, while still under the influence of mild pain killers and the high of finally having the smile I have dreamed of, I don’t even care that I am not wearing an ounce of make up in this pic or that my hair isn’t done…it is the first official picture of the new Robin!  Confident, Happy, Successful, and Beautiful!  Just wait until I feel like doing my hair and make up…I have a feeling I will no longer fear the selfie! LoL



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