The Final Countdown!

This is it folks!  THE LAST DAY to get any and all wraps on the Going, Going, Gone List! When you wake up tomorrow, all those wonderful designs will be gone and a brand new catalog will be here!  As excited as I am for the new catalog and all the wonderful new products and designs…I can’t help but feel sad that some of the retiring wraps will be gone for good.

OH!  And if you are thinking that you don’t need any of the retiring wraps because tomorrow there will be new ones, let me tell you…it is inevitable that you will find a new wrap that you LOVE and you will think…”OMG!  This will look awesome paired with (fill in the blank)!”  The problem is, you will go to look for that wrap and guess what?  It retired!  So…real quick, let me show you some of MY retiring favs! Remember, after tonight, these will be gone forever!

11141251_10153050080837546_5947141056593088825_n 11222798_10153050081757546_3410572685873845952_n 11896098_10153050081447546_8509147840343785932_n 11898574_10153050081677546_8582647046615670616_n 11902270_10153050081352546_5556535191724864701_n 20135541282_7814c227fc_o


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