A Few MORE of My Favorite Things!

Wow!  Yesterday totally got away from me!  That’s OK tho…it gave me some time to put together my list of favorite New Lacquers from the Fall Catalog!  Jamberry really hit it out of the park in this section!  They more or less doubled the number of colors they offer, added a a new glitter and a new Quick Dry Top Coat!  In addition, they have also given us the ability to create our own Color Suite Combinations!  That’s right, you can now build your own set!  My first thought was that this would be a PERFECT gift for Brides to give their Bridesmaids!  She could either choose colors and top coats tailored to the style and likes of her friends, or choose a set that will be perfect for their wedding day manicures!  Anyway, I am super excited about this part so lets get started!

First of all, I have to say I love BOTH of the new pre-made Color Suites in this catalog.  Each of them comes with an exclusive color that cannot be purchased separately,  and lucky for me…all the colors in addition to the exclusive colors are on my list of Must Haves anyway!  Bourbon Street is probably my FAVORITE, but I love the classic subtlety of Ooh La La too!


As for individual colors…well, this post would be a mile and a half long if I were to show you each one individually and tell you WHY I like it…so I am going to just let the colors speak for themselves!  I will however list and link them for you!  From top left:  Beach Buggy, Canvas, Getaway, I Lava You, Knock Out, Lemon Drop, Long Weekend, Paparazzi, Petal to the Metal, and So Presh.

Beach Buggy Canvas Getaway I Lava You Knockout Lemon Drop Long Weekend Paparazzi Petal to the Metal So Presh

So take a look through the Lacquer Section of the catalog and let me know which are YOUR Favorites!  I think tomorrow, I am gonna start showing how easy it is to mix and match the wraps with lacquer or even other wraps for eye catching accent nails or attention grabbing mixed manis!


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