So…the other day, my fiance and I were being goofy and picking on each other.  Eventually, he got around to teasing me about the fact that since having all that dental work done, (see my July 30 post, “Because of Jamberry“) I whistle on my “S” sounds. It is all part of the healing and adjustment process.  Oh…NOT in a mean way or anything!  We were being silly and it was all in fun.  That is how we are, we find the humor in EVERYTHING!  LoL  Anyway, at one point I told him, “OK pal…laugh if you want!  I don’t care because I am pretty again and a little whistle while I am getting used to my new smile is a small price to pay!”  He looked at me and said, “Baby…you have always been beautiful.  Now your smile has simply caught up!”  Wow…is it any wonder I love this man??

This got me thinking.  As much as I like being a girl and playing with make up and pretty clothes and killer shoes and having gorgeous nails…that isn’t what beauty is all about!  Don’t get me wrong…there is nothing wrong with that stuff, but you know what? You don’t NEED it!  That’s right…the girl that makes her living (or is attempting to) selling Nail Wraps and Lacquer is saying that you don’t NEED all the frills and fancies!  The fact is, if you have Love in your heart, Kindness in your actions, Warmth in your soul, and Passion in your belly, you are not only Beautiful, but you have the power to change the world!

As you get ready to go about your day, putting on your make up, spending time on your hair, and admiring your manicure, remember, those things are fun, and they are the “finishing touches”, but they are not what make you beautiful! YOU are what makes you beautiful.  So, when you walk out the door today, just BE YOU, Just…Beyoutiful


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