TruShine Gel System-Round Two

So, I was pretty darned impressed with my first attempt at the TruShine Gel System considering I had never even SEEN the application of a Gel Manicure.  I just followed the instructions and ended up with results that I was happy to show off.


As you can see, it isn’t PERFECT, and there are even some flaws that are hidden by the amazing shine so it can be forgiving, which is always a plus.

However, being me…once I got my new Gel Colors on Tuesday, I couldn’t wait to try something different, so yeah…I took that manicure off after just 4 days! I figure I am going to need some more Remover Pockets because I LOVE to change up my manicure well before it NEEDS to be changed! LoL  So here is the NEW manicure.  This time, I went with Upper East Side Wraps and Candy Apple Gel.  I also did the TruShine Base Coat/Top Coat over the wraps.


So…How do I feel about this application vs. the first?  I have to say, I am even more pleased!  I learned from my mistakes the first time and this application is pretty much flawless as far as I am concerned.  If you have or are planning to get the TruShine Gel System from Jamberry, there are a couple of tips I would like to pass on to you.  I am sure there will be more as time goes on, but after 2 applications, here are the things I have learned.

  1. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!  The instruction sheet tells you to do all the fingers (excluding the thumb) on one hand Start to Finish, from Base Coat to Top Coat, then do the fingers of the other hand Start to Finish, then do each thumb individually Start to Finish.  The first time, I got excited and thought I could just do all my fingers, then both of my thumbs.  Yeah…that didn’t work so well.  After the Base Coat, I realized that each step stays tacky after it is cured so the fingers of my right hand became magnets for all manner of fuzz and fluff floating around my house.  It was a bit of a mess honestly…but fortunately, it was easily fixed since the base coat is as far as I got before I realized my mistake!
  2. USE THIN COATS ON EVERY LAYER!  Now, the first time, I THOUGHT I was using thin coats, but I don’t think they were thin enough.  This time, I went even thinner.  Yes, it took 3 coats of color vs. the 2 it did the first time, but I am MUCH happier with the results!  Be especially careful on the top coat.  My first application had what looked a bit like “drag marks” in the finish.  I am pretty sure it is because I got the top coat too thick in places.  This time I took extra care with the top coat and I ended up with a flawless finish on my nails!
  3. BUFF THOSE WRAPS! When applying over wraps with the glossy finish, lightly buff the surface of the wrap to remove the shine.  I decided to do a bit of experiment.  I buffed the shine from the wraps on my left hand, but not the right.  Now, I have only had these on for about 24 hours so I can’t speak to the difference it may or may not make in the durability, but it did seem that it made it easier to control the evenness and thickness of the Gel Enamel on the wraps that had the shine buffed off.  You may not notice, but for me, I will be buffing the shine from my wraps from now on.  BUFF LIGHTLY!  It doesn’t take a lot of buffing or much pressure at all.  You don’t want to completely REMOVE the glossy top layer of the wrap…just scuff it up a bit.
  4. CLEAN UP ANY MISTAKES BEFORE CURING!  If you are like me, you are going to get a bit of your polish on your cuticles or the skin around your nails.  I was VERY careful to try and leave a thin line of nail around the edges but there were still little “Oops!” moments here and there.  You definitely want to use the orange stick to scrap the color (or even the clear coats for that matter) from your skin before you cure them.  If you don’t, you end up with a hard little lump of Gel Enamel on the side of your nail.  Filing that down without scuffing the finish on your nail after you are done is a lot harder than simply taking care of it when it happens. If it is the color, you may have a bit of staining where you scraped it from your skin, but don’t worry.  The last step has you using the nail cleanser to remove the tacky residue left on your nails and washing your hands.  Any staining tends to go away during those 2 steps.
  5. WHEN REMOVING, DO NOT FORCE THE GEL OFF! The first nail I removed the Gel from, I left the remover pocket on BARELY 10 minutes (instructions say 10 minutes).  The edges had pretty much lifted on their own and was easy to remove using the orange stick.  When I got to the middle of my nail, it was still stuck tho and I figured it would just pop right off with a bit of oomph in my stick.  I ended up peeling off a layer or 2 of my nail with it.  The rest, I left on for 13-15 minutes and had no damage to my nail at all.  In fact, most of the gel came off with the Remover Pocket!  When I did get one where there was still some gel stuck to the nail, I popped the Remover Pocket back on and went on to the next.  When I went back, the color easily came off.
  6. USE THE CUTICLE OIL! I admit, I am BAD about this!  Before the Gels, I rarely remembered to use my Cuticle Oil Daily.  More often than not, when I removed my wraps, my nails were dry which led to peeling.  For the past couple of weeks tho, I have made it a point to remember to use it at LEAST once a day, but I am trying for twice.  I put my Bottle of Cuticle Oil on my computer desk in front of my monitor since I spend so much time on my computer to remind myself and I truly think it has made a HUGE difference.  When I removed the gels, my nails didn’t look or feel dried out at ALL.  In fact, they looked healthy and felt strong but no brittle. I figure they give you a bottle of Cuticle Oil in the Kit…so there must be a reason for that, right?

All in all, if you are a bit leery of trying the TruShine Gel System because you think it will be too hard, or you think that you won’t be able to get the results you want, I think you have nothing to worry about.  Yes, it may take a bit of patience and practice, but honestly, if I can do it…ANYONE can do it!  There is nothing special about me.  I am not a professional Nail Tech, I don’t have any special talents.  I am just a girl who likes to have pretty nails and who understands that anything worth doing is worth doing right.  That usually takes time, but I can think of WORSE ways to spend my time than pampering myself a bit to have nails that make me happy every time I look at them!  If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment or contact me using my contact info!  I am here and happy to help!


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