My Favorite Tips, Tricks and Videos

When I talk about Jamberry Wraps in parties, to people who ask about my nails in public, or while doing private demo’s, I always tell people that the application process is not hard, but it DOES take a bit of practice to perfect.  That is why we hand out samples, and why I like to drop a sample sheet in bags along with customer orders to give them something to practice with before they break into their new wraps.  The application instructions can be found on the back of every wrap sheet (well, the little purple envelope they come in) and on the back of every catalog.  You can also find the written instructions on the Jamberry site along with this video.  The video is my favorite method of sharing the application process because I am a “Show Me” girl.  I personally find that sometimes written instructions can make things more complicated than they really are.

But what if you followed the instructions and still have bubbles, wrinkles, and lifting?  Again, it takes a bit of practice but sometimes, because everybody’s nails are different, you may have to implement a trick or two to get the most out of your wraps.  I want to share a couple of my favorite tricks with you today.

  1. The Plastic Baggie:  After you have used your scissors to trim off the excess but BEFORE you use your file to get rid of the rest of the excess at the tip, heat the wrap for a bit again, and use the rubber tipped cuticle pusher to really seal the edges and smooth it out over the tip.  Then, take a regular plastic baggie and wrap it snugly around the end of your finger so that it kind of “forms” the wrap to the tip of the nail. Hold it in front of the heater for a few seconds to warm it up and then hold the baggie in place while it cools a bit.  After removing the baggie, the wrap is usually kind of “wrapped” around the tip.  That is what you want.  Now…go on to the next nail!  By the time you are finished with all the nails on one hand, the first wrap you did should be cool.  NOW go back and use your file to knock off the excess wrap.  Even if you are just using 1 wrap as an accent, make sure the wrap is cool before filing.  This is the method I use for every manicure.  I really, REALLY recommend the Jamberry Mini Heater for this.  The fact that it is hands free makes this trick so much easier.  Trying to hold the baggie over your nail while picking up and switching on and juggling a hair dryer can get tricky.

    NOTE:  If you are really hard on your wraps (like I am) and notice a bit of lifting or wrinkling at the tip after a couple of days, grab your plastic baggie and your heater!  This trick can also be used to re-seal your wraps if needed!

  2. IRON OUT THE WRINKLES: No, not with the same iron you use to iron your clothes!  With a pair of tweezers or one of those metal spoon cuticle pushers!  Use your flat iron, your mini heater, or even your clothes iron to heat up the tip of your tweezers or the metal cuticle pusher.  My tweezers are made thick at the bottom end and flat, so I use that part. Whatever you use, do not get it TOO hot, you don’t want to melt your wrap or burn your finger!  Once your tool of choice is nice and warm, use it to go around the edges and the tip of your wraps ironing out any wrinkles as you seal those edges!  Again, this method can be used for touch ups for the duration of your manicure.

Those are the two “tricks” I use the most and have found work the best for me and my super curved nails!  (They look like a U when looking at them from the tips).  As for just basic tips, here is what I like to share with my customers.

  1. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT:  As I said before.  The application process isn’t hard, but there is a bit of a learning curve!  I know MY first application was no where NEAR perfect…and I am betting the majority of consultants and regular Jamberry users would tell you the same thing.  So use those samples and if you need some to practice with, Ask Me! I am happy to share them!
  2. NAIL PREP, NAIL PREP, NAIL PREP: True Confession Time…when I first started using the Jamberry Wraps, I was always so anxious to get my wraps on and have that gorgeous manicure on my hands, I wasn’t as diligent about prepping my nails as I should have been.  As a result, my manicures didn’t always look as good as they could or should have.  You wouldn’t just paint over any dirt or lint or residue from old tape on your walls would you?  No…you would clean and prep those walls first.  Your nails need the same thing before applying wraps, or lacquer for that matter!  For this, I really recommend the Jamberry Application Kit so you are sure to have not only all the tools you need for proper nail prep and application, but also the best quality tools.  I also recommend the Jamberry Cuticle Remover Pen.  Cuticles are the natural enemy of a good manicure.  The Remover Pen allows you to easily remove not just the cuticle you see, but also what we call the “Invisible Cuticle” which is a micro thin layer of skin growing over the base of your nail that isn’t always visible to the naked eye, but still has the oils that will cause your wrap to lift and your lacquers to chip if not removed.
  3. CLEAN EACH NAIL INDIVIDUALLY: I am bad about remembering to do this, but when I DO, I notice that I get a better adhesion and seal on my wraps with less effort.  After you have pushed back the cuticles and shaped your nail, you need to clean your nails and remove any traces of dirt and oil with the Jamberry Nail Cleanser or regular Alcohol.  Go ahead and wipe them ALL down at first, but think about it.  By the time you have applied even the first wrap, you have maybe touched your face to brush some hair out of your eyes, maybe you had an itch on your nose.  Guess what?  Now you potentially have oils transferred back onto your nails!  So, right before you apply each wrap, wipe that nail AGAIN so that the last thing that happens to that nail before the wrap or lacquer goes on is that it gets a final cleaning!
  4. TAKE YOUR TIME:  This isn’t a race…this is YOU time!  Enjoy it!  If you try and rush the process by skipping a step or two or rushing through one wrap to get to the next, you aren’t going to be happy with the results.
  5. HEAT AND SMOOTH AS MANY TIMES AS IT TAKES:  You won’t damage the wrap if you reheat it once it is on your nail.  As long as you aren’t overheating it all in one go, you can reheat them as many times as you need to!
  6. LET THEM COOL: Before you do the final shaping with the file, make sure the wrap is cool.  These are vinyl, so the have the potential to shrink a bit as they cool.  Before you finish them off with your file, you want to make sure they have gone through that process so that when you shape them, they stay that way!
  7. WATER IS BAD!:  Ok…water isn’t bad…BUT try to keep from immersing your hands in water for a few hours after you apply your wraps.  The more time they have to cure, the stronger that water tight seal will be.  I like to do mine in the evenings so that they have time to cure while I sleep!
  8. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF YOUR CONSULTANT: Your consultant is your friend!  I WANT you to enjoy your wraps and be happy with them.  If you need a bit of help to figure out what will get you the most wear or how to get that one wrinkle that always appears on the middle nail of your left hand…CALL ME!  If you need me to go through the application process with you again, I am here!  Even if you just want advice on mixing the wraps or which lacquer would look best with that wrap, or if you want some recommendations for a manicure to complete a special outfit…that is seriously what I am here for!  When you buy Jamberry from me, you aren’t just buying wraps and lacquers…you are buying a service!  You get Me! But I can’t help if I don’t know you need or want help!  I don’t bite! REACH OUT!

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