One Year

Today, I am pleased to say, is my One Year Anniversary as an Independent Jamberry Consultant! One year ago today, my cousin gave me the gift of helping me buy a Jamberry Starter Kit, but I got so much more than what was in that box!  Sure, the wraps, my own heater, the app kit, all the fun samples and business supplies were AWESOME, but it is the stuff you DON’T see in the picture that has made this past year full of fun, love, friendship and surprise.


I am not going to tell you that in the past year, I have gotten rich, bought a new car, paid off my daughter’s college loans or anything like that.  What I WILL say is that my “Real Life” job is only 9-12 hours a week and the extra income provided me through Jamberry has allowed me to have the extra money to get that pair of jeans that miraculously fit me Just Right…it allowed me to buy what I WANTED to buy my loved ones for Christmas…and it has given me the means to donate to causes over this past year that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

I guess in a way tho, I HAVE gotten rich!  The friendships I have made and rekindled are worth more to me than any monetary gain.  Through Jamberry, I was connected with an amazing group of women who have been not only a constant source of support in my business, but also the source of a LOT of late night laughter, inside jokes, and a feeling of belonging.  By simply posting pics of my nails, I have had people that I lost touch with over the years contact me to ask me about Jamberry only to end up talking about everyday things.  Through my wonderful hostesses, I have been introduced to amazing, fun, loving women that I may have never met otherwise.  All of these people know who they are and to them, I want to say, I love you and my life is full and more complete with you all in it!

One of the most unexpected benefits of Jamberry I found within myself.  In the past year, I have discovered a confidence and courage that I never knew I possessed.  I have always been outgoing, but a lot of that was to mask the insecurities that have haunted me since I was young.  I have always been the girl that wasn’t as thin, or as pretty, or as refined as I thought I should be.  In the past year, I have come to understand that I AM beautiful, that “thin” does not mean “better” and refinement is a matter of opinion.  For years, I used things like my weight and the condition of my smile as an excuse NOT to go for what I wanted. I saved the “outgoing” facade for situations where people were predisposed to like me such as friends of my fiance’s. Well, now, I have a brand new smile because I have come to understand I AM worth the investment.  Now, I am outgoing because I feel good about who I am rather than because I am PRETENDING to feel good about me!

I am not doing everything being a Jamberry Consultant has done for me justice, because honestly, I don’t possess the words to even BEGIN to describe accurately the change it has brought to my life. All I know is that One Year Ago Today, I was just a girl who bought a kit thinking that at the very least, I could use it to keep myself in these pretty little nail stickers at a discount!  Now, I am the girl who did more than she ever thought she could but knows that she can do MORE!  I am looking forward to my future with this amazing company and thinking that it is time to REALLY push myself.  I am excited to see who comes into my life, what I learn, and how I will grow.

If you are looking for something that will get you out of whatever rut you find yourself in, or a way to earn a little (or a lot) more money for the “extras”, or maybe you just want something that is truly yours, I would LOVE to have you join me on the next leg of this amazing journey.  You can contact me directly with any questions, or you can jump right in and Join Me through my Jamberry Site. I promise, you won’t be going it alone.  You will have me for direct support, and an entire team of kind, funny, strong, amazing women for added support and fun.  You have absolutely nothing to lose!  The items in the Starter Kit is worth more than the actual cost.  Worst case scenario, you purchased a heater, 4 sheets of wraps, an app kit, extra tools, and accent sheets and end up with a bunch of catalogs, order sheets, and other marketing tools that they threw in the box basically for free.  So…what are you waiting for?


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