How About a MAN-icure?

Ladies, we spend a lot of time on our nails.  Who doesn’t like the feeling you get when you know your nails are rockin’ whatever look you have chosen for the moment?  I know I do!  But guess what??  There are a set of hands that are probably neglected!  That’s right…Your MAN has hands too!  And on the ends of his fingers, he has nails!  Now I know you are thinking, “Yeah…like MY man is gonna let me give him a manicure!”  I am here to tell you…you might be surprised!

One day in the not so distant past, I noticed for the umpteenth time that my man was sitting on the other end of the sofa chewing on his cuticles.  Of course, I told him, “Stop that!”  His response was the usual, “Well then FIX it!”  So I went to my Jamberry Application Kit to dig out my cuticle scissors once AGAIN to trim off the dry, torn cuticles around his nail.  The work he does in Quality Control has him dealing with very small parts and for some reason, tends to dry out his nails and cuticles BAD.  So as I am digging for my scissors pushing aside my file, clippers, cuticle remover, and orange sticks, I thought, “Wait!  What am I DOING??  I have everything here to “fix it” RIGHT!”  So with that, I ordered him to the kitchen table. This is what we started with…Before

See what I mean?  His cuticles were a MESS!  And the killer is, the man has GORGEOUS nail beds!  Even when his nails are cut as short as they can be cut, he STILL has long nails!  (Yeah, me and my short little nail beds totally hate him for that! LoL)

So, first things first, I HAD to address those cuticles!  For that, I used my Jamberry Cuticle Remover Pen. Not only did I end up dealing with the cuticles you can see, but also some MAJOR invisible cuticle! (That is an ultra thin layer of cuticle that is at the base and sometimes sides of the nail that is usually all but invisible to the naked eye but if it dries out, will crack and tear leading to hangnails and ragged edges just like a regular cuticle.  It is also often the cause for wraps and lacquers to not adhere properly and lift at the base of your nail!)  No worries tho, my Remover Pen, Jamberry Rubber Tipped Cuticle Pusher, and an Orange Stick made quick work of that!  I did have to use the scissors after all because…well…look at the middle finger in that pic!  And that wasn’t the worst one!

After the cuticles were dealt with, it was pretty much business as usual.  I used my Jamberry Clippers to trim, my Jamberry File to shape, and my Jamberry Buffing Block to smooth out the ridges in his nails.  Once all that was done, it was looking MUCH better, but I wanted to protect my work, so I finished off by cleaning his nails REALLY good with the Jamberry Nail Cleanser and finished with Jamberry Ultra Shine Top Coat.  If your man doesn’t want all the shine, you can use the Jamberry Matte Top Coat as well.  The final step was Jamberry Cuticle Oil to help keep his cuticles and nails hydrated and healthy.  This was how his nails looked once I was all finished!After

MUCH better, don’t you think?  Even he was impressed!  When I was all finished he looked me right in the eye and asked if I planned to do this for him every week! LoL  It looks like I have a standing appointment!

You may be wondering why I went into all that detail when I could have just said, “Hey…gave my Honey a manicure.  His nails looked like this…now they look like THIS!” and posted a couple of pics.  The reason, besides giving you the step by step so you would know HOW I got these results, is because I wanted to show you how the right tools can make ALL the difference.  Every tool I used can be found in the Jamberry Application Kit and you can even purchase the Kit WITH Cuticle Oil!  Other than that, I used the Cuticle Remover (the best I have ever used BTW), the Nail Cleanser (but if push comes to shove, you CAN use alcohol, but it does tend to be drying and since that is how his nails GOT that way, I wanted something that wouldn’t dry them out too bad) and one of Jamberry’s Top Coats.  I also wanted to point out here that I understand not everyone LIKES having their nails painted up with color and designs and patterns.  That is fine!  That doesn’t mean however that those people don’t like having their natural nails look nice!  If this is you and you have been thinking Jamberry isn’t for you for that reason…think again!  Jamberry isn’t just about wraps and lacquer.  They are all about HEALTHY nails!

Whether you are into all the fun designs of the wraps, the gorgeous lacquers, or even if you are a natural nail type person…Contact Me and I will help you select the products you need to keep your nails looking gorgeous no matter WHAT your style!


4 thoughts on “How About a MAN-icure?

    1. Once you get him to let you that first time, I am betting he will be ASKING for them from now on! Mine does! There is nothing wrong with a man having nicely groomed nails, and you KNOW that he is going to love getting that 1 on 1 attention from you!

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