October Stylebox…Decisions, Decisions!

When Jamberry changed their StyleBox to offer 3 unique boxes to choose from each month, I was over the moon!  I had no idea they were gonna make it so hard to pick just one!  Take a look at what is in store for October!

Seriously!  How is a girl to choose? LoL  I love the Classic option.  Red is ALWAYS a good bet as far as I am concerned and there is something about that patterned wrap that speaks to me.  The Trendy box tho…I just love the simple design of the green with the thin gold stripes.  The Feminine box is tempting me with that gorgeous purple color! Like I said…Decisions, Decisions!

Wait…you don’t know what StyleBox is or how it works?  Well, let me tell you!  StyleBox is a monthly subscription from Jamberry.  Each month, you will get a box with at LEAST $30 worth of merchandise sent right to your door based on the style option you choose for no more than $25 per month.  At the end of each month, they will show you what is in each of the three different boxes for the next month and you have until the 1st to choose which box you would like to get, Classic, Trendy, or Feminine. You can stick with the same style each month, or you can change it up every month.  The choice is yours!  Signing up is simple!  Just go to the StyleBox Section on My Site, take the short quiz to determine your personal style (like I said…no worries if you don’t agree with the results.  You can choose something different each month!) and choose the length of your initial subscription period.  There are options for 3, 6, and 12 months.  This initial subscription is paid in full when you subscribe but the longer you choose, the more money you actually save.  Once your initial subscription is over, you can unsubscribe, or you can do nothing and you will continue to receive your choice of StyleBox and your card will automatically be billed for $25 (+ tax) at the beginning of each month.  Shipping is always free!


As far as what you actually get, well…I told you that there is at least $30 worth of merchandise in each box.  That can be 2 sheets of wraps, or a Sheet of Wraps and a Lacquer.  SOMETIMES tho…there is a BONUS!  In September, not only did we get 2 sheets of wraps, but we also got a bottle of lacquer!  That was a $45 retail value for only $25!  In addition, the product in the StyleBox are Exclusive to StyleBox!  The ONLY way to get the featured wraps or lacquer is to be a StyleBox subscriber!

Just to show you what I mean, here are some of the past StyleBoxes!


What are you waiting for?  Sign Up today and get your first StyleBox in October!


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