Gels and Lacquers and Wraps…OH MY!

I just can’t seem to get enough of my new TruShine Gel System!  It has been such a game changer for me!  I think my absolute favorite thing about it is that it works not only with the Gel Enamel Colors, but also over Wraps and Regular Lacquers as well.  Considering how many of the Wraps and Lacquers I already have, and how many Lacquers are in the Fall Catalog…well it has kind of opened up all kinds of possibilities!  Now I know that if I want to spend time using my lacquers to create funky designs, or if I like that lacquer and that gel color together, or if that wrap goes perfectly with that gel color, it is all good!  I can put the gels over EVERYTHING and my entire manicure is equally protected!

Here is the look I am sporting now.  It is a combination of the Gel Enamels, Regular Lacquers and Glitters, and there is even a strip from a wrap thrown in there!

Really Mixed 2 ReallyMixed1

A few weeks ago, I did the wraps and gels together and the results were so much more than I ever hoped for!  Usually, because of my job, I have to do some touch up on my wraps at the end of the duration of my manicure to prevent snagging on my clothes and in my hair.  When I added the gels tho.  OMG!  Day 10 looked like MINUTE 10!  I know they would have lasted MUCH longer, but well…I got new wraps in the mail and…I couldn’t resist the new shiny! LoL


I am telling y’all…this is a total revolution for my wraps!  So, if you are one of those who hasn’t really had much interest in the Gels because you prefer the wraps…or you didn’t think the wraps would last on your nails because of your job, lifestyle, or hobbies, you may want to reconsider!  If you are a wrap girl, all you need to seal the wraps is the Gel Enamel Base Coat, the Gel Enamel Top Coat, and the LED Curing Lamp and they can all be purchased separately! When I have wraps under the gels, I don’t even use the Gel Remover Pockets! I remove them as I would just plain wraps.  Break the seal, and then use the Lacquer and Wrap Remover and a cotton ball to remove as usual!  If this all sounds great, but you just don’t have the extra cash now to invest, no worries! I can help you there too!  By Hosting a Party, even online, you can earn Free and 1/2 priced product plus a discount on other purchases!  Just use the contact info on the right or go to My Site and let me know when you want to host your own Jamberry Party and start earning Free Product!


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