New Month…New Exclusives

Happy October Everyone!  My very favorite thing about the beginning of a new month is the unveiling of the new Sister’s Style Exclusive and Hostess Exclusive for the month.  October is a GOOD one!

I am in LOVE with the Sister’s Style Exclusive!!  This one is called “Swanky”. They have never done a wrap quite like this one before and I have to say, I am going to be buying at LEAST 2 sheets of them!  To me, it just screams “Tim Burton”.  I see it with one of our Purple Colored Lacquers underneath (the left side is clear!) Possibly Royal or VIP.  I can also see this paired with and orange, maybe I Lava You for Halloween, or a nice, classic red such as Cardinal. Of course, nothing at all under it would look good too!


As for the Hostess Exclusive for October, I like this one too…but I am not really sure why! LoL  It isn’t my usual style, but there is something about it that just appeals to me.  Maybe it is the geometric shapes…or maybe it is simply because it is different.  One thing I DO know is that the ONLY way to get this wrap is to Host a Jamberry Party in the month of October!  If your party reaches $250 in sales, you will get this wrap absolutely FREE!


Both of these wraps will be gone at the end of the month so order or book your party early!!  You don’t want to be sitting there in November thinking, “Dang! I wish I would have gotten those exclusives from last month!”


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