Wraps Done RIGHT! Tips and Tricks for the Best Possible Application!

Jamberry recently did a survey that covered a LOT of points relevant to our business.  The thing that jumped out at me the MOST was the data collected on customer purchases.  It was found that 74% of customers do not reorder.  Why?  Mainly, it was application issues.  I honestly find that very, very sad.  As a consultant, I consider it my job not just to sell you nail wraps, but also work with you to make sure you understand the application process and give you all the tips and tricks and advice I can to make sure your wraps are easy for you to apply (and believe it or not…people can and DO make it MUCH harder than it needs to be!) and that you are getting the longest possible wear out of them.  When you purchase something in a retail store that requires assembly, application, or requires that you know how to use it, it comes with an instruction manual, right?  Well, application instructions are printed on the back of every package of Nail Wraps…but it doesn’t stop there.  You also get ME!  Your very own walking, talking, personal customer support!  No 800 numbers, no automated system, no guy from a foreign country reading out of a manual trying to help you.  It is 100% little old me!

So, with that said, it is time for me to get to work and discuss some of the most common mistakes made during application and some of the most common frustrations with the wraps and how to fix them!

 THEY ARE ALL WRINKLED AROUND THE EDGES – This is one of the most common mistakes out there.  Odds are, the wrap you used is a size too big. This is something that took me a while to accept.  I kept fighting it and thinking that my wraps NEEDED to cover my entire nail too look good, but they didn’t look good because they were constantly wrinkling and lifting. To be honest, I STILL struggle with this a bit.  Just last week, I got in a hurry and didn’t use the proper sized wraps.  The result was a waste of a GORGEOUS set of wraps. This is what using the wrong sized wraps will look like after a day or so.

Bad App!

Jamberry wraps come to you on a clear sheet.  This is so you can lay the wrap on your nail and see which size will fit best.  It is natural to want to use the wrap that covers your nail from side to side.  When you find the wrap that does that, USE THE NEXT SIZE DOWN!  Your wrap should actually be a bit SMALLER than your nail!  Yes, you will have a sliver of nail showing on either side, but do not fear the gap!  Trust me…no one is going to notice except for you!  If the wrap fits your nail perfectly, then you run the risk of the wrap touching the skin on the sides of your nail.  These wraps were made to form a seal on your nail, not your skin.  If it touches the skin, it WILL start to lift and the seal will be broken. Another issue with wraps that are too large is that there will be more wrap than you need, so there is more to pucker and wrinkle.  Keeping the wrap just a fuzz smaller than your natural nail will not only give your a little wiggle room (I can NEVER get mine on perfectly centered and straight…I NEED that little extra space! LoL) it will also insure that the wrap is ONLY touching the nail and you will be able to get a really good seal that will last for at least a week or two.  The first pic shows that there is room along the side of my wrap.  That is what YOU will see.  The second pic is what everyone else will see.

WhatYouSee PinkPolka

THE TIPS SNAG IN MY HAIR– Yeah…been there, done that!  The official Jamberry instructions tell you to file the excess from the tip using a downward motion at a 90 degree angle.  Well, I as well as many other consultants will tell you to forget the straight up and down thing.  Instead, file at a bit of an angle.  This will taper the tip of the wrap to sit flush with the tip of your nail.  Yes, you will have a bit of the nail exposed at the tip, but again, I have NEVER had anyone notice it.  In fact, unless I am looking…I don’t notice it.  This has helped with the whole snagging thing a LOT! Here you can see that just a bit of the tip is exposed, but it doesn’t take away from the overall look of the wrap!


THEY TOOK TOO LONG TO APPLY– I hear this one a lot.  First, let’s talk about how long it takes to apply the wraps.  Think about cooking your favorite meal.  The very first time you made it, how long did it take you?  Probably longer than it takes you to whip it up now!  That first time, you weren’t familiar with the process…what ingredients went in when, how long to cook, what temperature.  But after you had made that same dish a couple of times and pretty much had the process and details down pat, you probably cut the prep time considerably.  The same is true with the Jamberry wraps.  Sure, it takes a while at first if you are doing it right.  You want to take your time, make sure you are doing this right and that right…maybe even referring back to the instructions or the application video a couple of times.  BUT…after you have done it a couple of times, you will be more familiar with the whole process and your confidence will increase.  When that happens, the time it takes to apply them decreases.  You still want to take your time a bit tho.  Remember, there is a HUGE difference between being efficient and getting in a hurry.

I JUST CAN’T GET THEM ON RIGHT– This kind of goes with what I just said above.  While the application process isn’t HARD…it is something that needs to be learned.  The more you do it, the better you will get.  The old saying is true, Practice Makes Perfect!  I can understand tho how you would not want to use up all your pretty new wraps “practicing”.  Well, that is where I come in!  I am happy to provide you with an accent sheet or two so that you can use those to practice and get the feel for the process. If I am your consultant…I WANT to help you so don’t be afraid to contact me!

I LIKE THE WRAPS, BUT THEY DAMAGED MY NAILS– When removed properly, the risk of nail damage is minimal.  I have the thinnest, peeliest (yeah…I know…totally NOT a word LoL) nails on the planet, but even my nails don’t sustain damage when I take off my wraps.  Proper removal is just as important if not MORE important than the application process.  There are several different methods to try and I will be happy to share those with you (hmmm…maybe another post on nothing BUT removal…) if you like, but for now, I will share the method I personally use.

Step 1- Using the flat side of the orange stick or your thumbnail, break the seal around the edge of your wrap.

IMG_2403 resized

Step 2- Using a cotton ball and Jamberry Lacquer and Wrap Remover or your favorite brand of non-acetone remover, work the remover up under the wrap.  The wrap will continue to lift as the adhesive is dissolved by the remover.

Step 3- Once all the wraps are removed, use a fresh cotton ball with a little more remover to completely remove any last traces of the adhesive.

Yup! That is it!!  Like I said, there are lots of different methods using everything from Coconut Oil to Hot Water.  If you are interested in any of those methods, just say the word.  I will happily share them with you!

So…those are just a couple of the most common issues that I hear on a regular basis.  Maybe the reason you have never tried Jamberry or tried them once but not again is something different.  Please, leave a comment or contact me using the contact info on the right.  I will be more than happy to listen to your issue and do my best to find a fix that works for you!  If after reading this, you think you just may be ready to TRY Jamberry, simply REQUEST A SAMPLE!  If you would like a full set of gorgeous nails, there are over 300 designs to choose from on MY SITE.  And remember, with just a bit of patience, you CAN have the gorgeous nails you see in the pictures! If I can do it, anyone can!! See the pic below?  Those are my nails and I did that!  There is absolutely NOTHING special about me in that regard.  I am not a nail tech, not a cosmetologist…I am just a girl who Bought a Kit!


(Note: Some of the images in this post show wraps that are no longer available.  The pictures however were the best I had to illustrate the points made in this post.  If you see something you like, I will do my best to suggest something similar from our current catalog.)


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