It Is All About the Finish

One of the things you will hear people talk about in Jamberryland is the finish on a wrap.  Usually in a description of a wrap or while talking about the best way to apply wraps with certain finishes.  I, myself, have talked up the fact that Jamberry’s Fall Catalog introduced two brand new finishes to the mix.  OK…GREAT!  But what does it all mean?  Here is a guide that gives you a description of each finish Jamberry offers.


In the actual catalog, the wraps with anything but the Classic Finish has a little symbol indicating what finish that wrap comes in.  If you are shopping online from My Site, they do not with the exception of the Clear wraps.  So how do you know which wraps have what finish?  Simple, when you click the “Shop” tab to browse our products, down the left side, you will see the various ways you can sort the wraps.  You can sort by category, by color, and if you scroll down to the bottom of that list, by finish!  Metallic, Sparkle, Matte, Clear, Mixed Mani (which isn’t really a finish…but they are fun!), Tint, Luster, or Satin…whatever your favorite may be!

If you happen to prefer the Lacquers, no worries!  You can also apply different finishes to those as well!  You don’t have as many options, but the ones we offer are gorgeous!  Of course, you can get that classic, high gloss finish with our Ultra Shine Top Coat, but what if you like that modern matte finish?  Then grab the Matte Finish Top Coat!  It will give any manicure that trend-setter look you are after!  There are also several glitter top coats to choose from.  The great thing about these is that you can control the amount of sparkle you add to your manicure!  My personal favorites are Lovestruck, and Stardust.

Regardless of how you like to rock your manicure, Jamberry has plenty of options to help you make your personal fashion statement!


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