To My Australian and New Zealand Friends

Hi there!  I want to thank you all for taking the time to check out my little Jamberry Blog.  As you probably know, Jamberry just opened up a whole new world of opportunity for you!  Jamberry has given me so much over the past year and I would LOVE to share that with all of you!


True confession time…I am not YET able to accept team members outside of the US.  WAIT…WAIT!  There is more!  I AM working on that as fast as I can.  Just the THOUGHT of making a few new friends in someplace that far away…places that I long to see for myself, well, it just makes me excited and happy!  So, if you think you might be interested in checking it out, seeing what the Jamberry hype is all about, Contact Me!  Even tho it will possibly be another week until I could make it official and have the honor of becoming your mentor, there are things I CAN help you with now!  For instance, how would you like a little peek into our “Inner Circle” before you make your final decision?  I can do that!  We have a FaceBook group for our team.  We are the “Java Jammers” (our team leader is Melissa Coffey so the whole Java thing comes from that!) and we are a HOOT!  Don’t worry…you won’t be in there alone trapped with a bunch of crazy Americans! There are a couple of other Aussies in there too!  Some are peeking, some have taken the leap with other consultants.  Getting added at this point in no way commits you to sign up or buy anything.  It is just what it sounds like, a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes.  That’s it.  To be added, just friend Me on Facebook, shoot me a quick message letting me know you would like a peek, and I will add you.  Yup!  That simple!

If you are just curious about Jamberry and think you would like to try it, I can handle that right now too.  I would be happy to send you a Free Sample and I can also accept orders! Just go to My Site and click “Shop”.  I think y’all can figure out what to do from there!

Don’t be shy!  Comment, use the Contact Info on the right, or Friend me on Facebook and introduce yourself.  I am always up for making new friends! And truthfully, THAT is the biggest benefit I have gotten from Jamberry so far.  All the wonderfully amazing new people I have met!  I would love to count you in that number!


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