Who Wants to Party?

I DO!  That’s who!  I think one of my favorite things to do when it comes to my business is Parties!  I am a social creature who has found herself in an anti-social situation.  Sure, I have friends, but the truth is most of them work while I am at home, and in the evenings while they are at home, I am working!  On the weekends, everyone is scattered!  Yeah…sucks to be me!  But when I get to do a Jamberry Party…the Social Butterfly inside of me just jumps for joy!  It doesn’t really matter if it is in-home or on line.  The fact is, I get to meet new people and interact and talk about something I love.  What’s even better is when I get a group that is just as crazy and fun as I am!  Again, in-home or online doesn’t matter, we have an absolute HOOT!  And don’t you think for a hot second that it is ALL Jamberry talk! Oh no!  I want to hear about the kids, the pets, the man, the crazy Mother in Laws…all of it!  For me, Jamberry is a path to new friends and reconnecting with old ones!

So that is what is in it for me…what is in it for YOU should you decide to host a party for me? Well, if you are like me and you and your friends are always busy with work, kids, and day to day life, it is a chance to get everyone together.  Even if it is an online party, you can use your party as a way to reconnect with people that you may only “see” in passing on your feed.  You will also have a place where you and your friends can ask any questions you may have about Jamberry and the different products and get answers!!  Maybe you tried them once before but the application wasn’t right and you aren’t sure what went wrong.  Maybe you have been eyeing the new TruShine Gel Enamel System, but the info on the site doesn’t really tell you enough about it.  Maybe you want some more information on the Lacquers before giving them a try at $15 a pop!  Hosting a party will get you those answers!  All you would have to do is ask!  The big shiny though is the Hostess Rewards!  Honestly, Jamberry has one of the best Hostess Reward Programs out there.  You don’t have to get outrageous amounts to start earning free stuff, and the Rewards increase at a pretty good rate!  At just $100 in sales, you get a free sheet of wraps.  And it just gets better from there!


Here is a little something else you may not have known.  If you are thinking of Becoming a Consultant, but not sure you can swing the $99 price tag to start, you can earn a discount on your kit by hosting your own party!  If you have a party that reaches $250, you can take a $25 credit towards your kit instead of the Hostess Rewards.  At $350, you will get a $50 Kit Credit!  And if you have a party that is well above $350, you will get your Kit Credit PLUS the Hostess Rewards for the amount above the $350!  Not a bad deal if you ask me!

So…why are you still sitting there looking at my blog?  Head over to My Site and let me know when you would like YOUR party to start by clicking on the “Host” tab at the top and then on the “Book a Party” button just under the little video!  I can’t wait to party with you and your friends!!


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