Ready for the Weekend!

Ahhh…Saturday, glorious Saturday! So what is on your agenda?  I know so many of us use Saturdays to catch up on all the running and chores we don’t have the time or energy to get to during the week.  But if you spend all week working, and all weekend playing catch up, when is your “ME” time?

Let’s face it.  Sometimes it is hard to get a second to pee much less indulge! The fact is though, you deserve that time!  I think of being a woman the same way your I think of the battery in a smart phone. Sure, our phones do all sorts of things and play all kinds of rolls in our lives.  You can call a friend, surf the web, get directions, track your diet/exercise program, see what time it is, check the weather, and keep up with friends on social media.  What happens if you don’t let it rest every now and then and recharge the battery?  That’s right.  It just quits and has nothing left to give.  You are no different.  With everything you do for everyone else in your life be it the hubs, the kids, your employer, various charities, PTA, or friends, there comes a time where you need to recharge.  If you keep giving, but don’t take a bit of time for yourself every now and then, it won’t be long before you are just empty and it will get harder and harder to give.

My favorite way to indulge is in a fresh manicure…but usually, it is just a quickie changing of the wraps.  I think today tho, I will be treating myself to a full on mani-pedi.  Instead of just changing the wraps, I am thinking I will shoo the man out of the house for a bit, put on MY favorite music (probably Stevie Nicks!) pour a glass of wine and turn on my Scentsy warmer (That’s right…I also support other Direct Sales Consultants every chance I get! This particular consultant just happens to be my cousin!) and go all out on my nails.  Fortunately, Jamberry has the products I need to turn a changing of the wraps into an experience.


The first of these is the Indulgence Hand Care set.  These products are aptly named because they make my hands and feet feel like I just had an expensive treatment at a salon!  Buff gently gets rid of dead, dry skin cells and leaves my skin feeling fresh and new.  Cleanse has a fresh, clean scent to DIE for and leaves my skin ready to drink in the moisture provided by Nourish.  If you are like me, there may be a couple of really stubborn dry patches.  For those areas, I use Quench.  As we come into winter here in the states, for me, this set is a LIFE saver.  Like many women, the cold, dry weather is very hard on my skin, especially my hands.  Indulgence keeps my hands looking and feeling their best all winter long!


The Jamberry Application Kit has all the tools I need to keep my fingers and toes looking their healthy best.  Even if you don’t wear wraps or lacquers or anything at all on your nails, healthy nails are beautiful nails.  Add the Jamberry Cuticle Remover to your kit and you are all set!  The Cuticle Remover will allow you to easily and gently clean up your cuticles using the orange stick and cuticle pusher in your kit, and doing that promotes nail growth and strength.  Use the clippers, scissors, file and buffer in your kit to trim, shape and groom your nails to perfection.  Use the Jamberry Nail Cleanser to safely and gently clean any residue and dust from your nails without over drying them.  From there, if you are planning to leave your nails bare, you can finish up with a little cuticle oil and BAM!  Gorgeous, healthy nails!  If you like a bit of shine, after cleansing, the Jamberry Ultra Shine Top Coat is a great choice.  Once that has completely dried, then you can use the cuticle oil to help keep those nails hydrated.

If you do plan to wear wraps or lacquers on your nails to finish out your manicure, do that BEFORE the cuticle oil!  Then, to help you get the most out of your nail treatment, allow your wraps/lacquer to cure for a bit before applying the Cuticle Oil.  Something else to avoid for a couple of hours is having your hands totally immersed in water, especially hot water!  Wait for a bit before indulging in a hot bath and let the dishes set for a while more.  They aren’t going anywhere!

The thing I love about giving myself a manicure, is that when I am done, I have these gorgeous nails to look at throughout the week!  It is a bit like carrying my happy place around with me on my fingertips where ever I go!  Any time, day or night, I can look at my nails and feel good!  Now of course, I used a mani-pedi as an example of how to indulge because, HELLO! Jamberry Consultant!  The truth is though, it doesn’t matter whether you take time to do your nails, soak in a bubble bath, watch a favorite movie, or read a book.  Whatever it is you enjoy, make time to do it!  Do it for you, but also for the people you love.  You will be happier, and as a result, they will be happier with you!


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