The Long and Short of It

I can’t tell you how many times I contact people about trying a sample or even past customers about sales, new products or specials and I hear “Oh…I need to let my nails grow!” I get it…I do.  Up until a little over a year ago…I was a nail chewer.  I don’t say biter because I didn’t really bite them off.  Instead, whenever I was stressed, annoyed or just bored, I would chew on my nails without realizing it.  Of course, this made them soft, thin and very, VERY weak.  In the end, it amounted to the same thing.  I had no nails!  How did I stop?  I am so glad you asked!  JAMBERRY!  Seriously.  There is something about wearing the wraps that kept me from chewing on my nails.  I am not the only one either!  I have heard from so many women that when they started wearing Jamberry, they STOPPED biting their nails! Here is just ONE of the many, MANY images I found illustrating this!


But what if you aren’t a nail biter, but just prefer to keep your nails short?  No problem there either.  The truth is, Jamberry looks good on long AND short nails! In fact, there are several designs that I think look BETTER on shorter nails.  In my opinion, some of the “busier” patterns on long nails is too much of a good thing, ya know?  But on shorter nails…they are just right!  Even the models in our catalog have nails that range from long to very short!  There is no reason to say no to pretty nails.  Not when Jamberry makes it possible to have nails that are practical AND pretty at the same time!

20287513244_0255817456_o 20866363408_442c17eafd_o 21223447786_835d43a2bc_o 21868209480_b9f25f7e01_o

OH! And here is a little tip…did you know that the Chevron Patterns actually give the impression of longer nails?  Yup!

Chev2 Chevron

So…how about it? Ready to Request a Sample or Place Your Order?  Don’t be shy! And make sure you check out Jamberry’s Buy 3 Get 1 Free deal!


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