Perfecting Your “Jamicure”

Maybe you tried Jamberry Wraps once and weren’t thrilled with the outcome, or maybe you haven’t tried them yet because you don’t think you can do them.  Perhaps you have tried them, love them, but still get wrinkles and bubbles and wish that you could get yours to look as good as they do in pictures you have seen.  Whatever your position, I am here to help.  I have some little tips and tricks that may give you the “Jamicure” you want or give you a better understanding of how they work so you feel more confident about giving them a shot!  Here we go!


I cannot stress this one enough!  I like to do all my nails before I apply the wraps, then wipe each one down with alcohol or Jamberry’s Nail Cleanser individually before each wrap.


This one took me forever to “wrap” my head around (LoL…WRAP! Get it??  See what I did there!? LoL) It seems like you want the wrap to cover the ENTIRE nail, but trust me, you don’t!  If the wrap touches any part of the cuticle or skin, it will not form a good seal and your wraps will lift.  Believe me, YOU may see that little gap, but no one else will notice!


Pretty self-explanatory, don’t you think? Don’t have an Orange Stick?  You can get one along with all the other tools you will need in the Jamberry Application Kit!


Straight up the middle, then start at the base again and go side to side with your thumb.  Use the rubber end of a Rubber Tipped Cuticle Pusher (also found in Jamberry’s Application Kit) to continue to smooth and seal around the edges.


I REALLY wish someone would have told me this when I first started wearing the wraps!  It would have reduced my “learning curve” considerably!


I don’t have one of these yet.  Mainly because every time I am in town I am so focused on the errands I need to run, it slips my mind.  It IS however on the “Stocking Stuffer Suggestion List” that my Honey asks me to give him every year.  And if I do remember to pick one up before then? Well, never hurts to have a backup!


Once I have the wrap on my nail, it isn’t uncommon for me to reheat it 2 or 3 times. Again, the Rubber Tipped Cuticle Pushers (also known as Purple Gold) that can be found in the Application Kit are awesome for sealing the edges!


I do ALL the wraps on one hand and THEN go back and file the tips.  That way, I know they have cooled!


Guess what!?  You will also get a really NICE set of Nail Clippers in the Application Kit!


If you give your wraps the time to cure, the seal on the edges will be stronger and you will be able to enjoy your manicure longer!

So…that’s it for today.  Look for a few more tips in the near future.  Those will be a bit more advanced tips for after you have applied your wraps, pedicures, trimming wraps to fit and the like.  In the meantime, if you have any questions please contact me.  I am happy to help!  If you think you are ready to give the wraps a shot, you can REQUEST A SAMPLE, or as always, you can ORDER from my site!

If you already have a sample or some wraps…give them another try using these tips and feel free to share your pics! I would love to see them!!


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