Show Me the Money!

I am beyond thrilled to announce that over the weekend, I hit the rank of Lead Consultant!  What does that mean?  Well, it means a cash bonus for me, a cash bonus for my Team Leader, it means a bigger bonus on the sales of my team, but most of all, it means that I am actually doing this and making it WORK!  No, I didn’t get there as fast as some others I know…but my progress was the right speed for ME!  Yes, the girl who figured she would only be selling to herself now has a team of 4, about to be 5, and that team has started building teams of their own!

To be honest, I had done Direct Sales many years ago, and it was a major FLOP!  I thought I wasn’t cut out for this line of work and for almost 20 years, I held to that and rejected every pitch that came my way.  Until Jamberry.  What makes this company DIFFERENT?  First of all, there are 5 different ways to make money, and not all of them require building a team.  In fact, the commission on your own personal sales is 30% to start.  Then, there is the potential for bonuses, to earn marketing credits, and throughout the year, you will accumulate “Trip Points”.  Accumulate enough, and you are on a free vacation!  The other ways DO involve building a team, but again, you can make some pretty decent money all by yourself!


You see, it really IS up to you how much you earn!  Whether you choose to go it alone, build a small team, or build a large team that builds their own teams, it all comes down to how YOU decide to run your business!

When speaking of personal sales, in addition to the 30% commission you receive on every single sale you make, once you hit $200 for the month (which will make you “Active” for that month) you will also receive an additional bonus on those sales!  There is also potential here to earn marketing credits that you can spend on tools for your business!


If you DO decide to build a team (or as it happened for me, it seems like my team just kind of happened around me! LoL) there is even MORE potential to earn!  As you can see below, as long as you are actively working your own business and reach $200 in sales, you will get a percentage of the sales that your team makes.  Your team will also help you rank up into even MORE earning potential.  As you can see from the chart, I would never have reached Lead Consultant without my team!


So why am I all about the numbers today?  Because I now understand that this is a REAL OPPORTUNITY!  The potential to make money is there and in my hands (or on my hands as the case may be! LoL)  In addition, this company is in a very unique place right now compared to other Direct Sales Companies.  It is new enough that the market isn’t saturated with consultants, but at the same time it is growing quickly to incorporate into other countries. Right now, it has expanded from the U.S. to Canada, Mexico, and most recently Australia and New Zealand.  Getting involved now is basically getting in on the ground floors!

If you would like to join me on this journey and start making money of your own, whether it is just enough for the little “Extras”, or enough to suppliment or even replace your current income in a very real way (and there are many who have!), I would be thrilled to add you to my team, my family and my world!  If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact me.  I would be THRILLED to meet you and share what I know with you!



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