Time to Celebrate!!

It is finally HERE!  Jamberry’s New Celebration Box!  What’s that you ask?  Well, let me tell you!  Better yet…Let me SHOW you!!!

So…as you can see, it is basically a party in a box!  Now, why am I excited over this?  Well first of all…EXCLUSIVE WRAPS!  Yes, I am a total sucker for all things exclusive! I don’t know why, it is just the way I am wired!  Second of all, how easy does this make it to do a Manicure party for your little one’s birthday or sleep over?  Come on, you KNOW that when little girls get together (or teen girls for that matter) a manicure session is ALWAYS a big hit!  And what about Bridal Parties?  Just think.  You and your Bridal Party can select 3 different wraps (or more can be added) that you think would look great with your dresses and then try them all out in person before selecting one as the final look!  Third, the guest of honor, be it the Birthday Girl, the Bride, or the Hostess of your random event, gets a Mini Heater and an Application Kit to KEEP!  The best part of all tho in my opinion is that each guest will go home with a Party Favor Bag with an exclusive Sample Sheet, and Mini App Kit!  Throw in the balloons that come in the box and you have Decorations, Entertainment, a Gift for the Hostess (or yourself) and Party Favors all in one little box!  I don’t know that it could GET any easier!

Celebration Box

As an added bonus, not only can you use this set as a “do it yourself” Jamberry party, but if you are local to me, I would be happy to come and do a demo and assist you and your guests with your Jamberry Manicures!

Remember, you don’t need a “Special Occasion” to celebrate!  Just getting together for a Girl’s Night is reason enough.


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