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One of the things I have been most excited about when it comes to the TruShine Gel Enamel System is that it can be used not only with the Gel Enamel colors, but also over the Wraps and the Regular Lacquers.  Now that more people have gotten their hands on that kit, I am seeing a lot of questions about how to use the gels with Jamberry’s other products.  The instructions only cover using the system for a straight gel manicure.  Today, I am going to share the methods I have used and had much success with!

Over Wraps

(Simply Daisy, Country Club, Lemon Drop Lacquer Shown)SDaisyD10

This has to be my favorite use of the TruShine Gel Enamel System!  Adding a clear layer of gel over my wraps doesn’t just give me more wear time, it also protects them from snagging at the edges, wrinkling, and lifting that can sometimes occur during normal wear, especially if you are like me and hard on your nails.  (See the spray bottle?  I clean a vet’s office 6 nights a week so my nails get put through a workout for sure!) Here is my method for using the Gels with Wraps:

Apply your wraps as normal.  If you normally use a base coat under your wraps, you can still do that.  You want to take your time applying your wraps to get a smooth, well sealed application.  To help with that, check out my post “Perfecting Your Jamicure“.   Now that your wraps are applied, it is time for the Gel!  You are going to need the following:

Buffing Block (In Your Kit)
Jamberry Nail Cleanser or Alcohol
TruShine Base Coat
TruShine Top Coat
LED Curing Lamp
Orange Stick (For Cleaning Edges)

First, if the wraps you are wearing have a Classic (Glossy) finish, you will need to buff the shine off a bit.  Not TOO much, you don’t want to completely remove that top layer…you just want to “scuff it up” a bit.  Once that is done, use the Nail Cleanser or Alcohol to clean them so there isn’t any dust from buffing left.  Apply the TruShine Base Coat according to directions using your Orange Stick to “scrape” any gel that you get on your skin or cuticles.  Remember to keep your coats thin and even.  I cure them for a full minute (Do 1 cycle under the Curing Lamp, turn it back on and count to 15).  Now apply your TruShine Top Coat again, keeping it thin and even.  Cure again for 1 minute.  Once that is done use a fresh cotton ball/wipe to clean the nail.  This will remove the sticky residue that is left behind!    Remember, you are going to do the gel on 4 fingers on 1 hand from start to finish, 4 fingers of the other hand start to finish, then each thumb from start to finish 1 thumbnail at a time.  When all the nails are done, wash your hands thouroughly.  That’s It!

To Remove:  Since the wraps are at the base, I just use my regular wrap removal method!  I don’t need to use the Remover Pockets included in the kit!

Over Regular Jamberry Lacquer

In the pic above, the yellow nails are done with Jamberry Lemon Drop Lacquer.

 You will use the same method to apply the gels over Lacquer as you use to apply it over wraps.  The thing to remember for this is to make sure your nails are COMPLETELY DRY.  Not “set” or “almost dry”.  COMPLETELY DRY.  

Removal:  You will need to use the TruShine Gel Remover Pockets (included in the kit) to remove your lacquer and gel.

Wraps Over Gel Colors


This was my very first TruShine application and it is where I learned the most about it through trial and error.  As you can see, I am wearing Black Cherry (that is included in the TruShine Gel Enamel System) with a clear wrap (Whisper) as an accent.  To do this, there are more steps involved but it oh so pretty!

Apply the TruShine Gel enamels according to instructions start to finish including Top Coat.  Once you have your Gel Manicure completed and cleaned with the Nail Cleanser and have washed your hands, it is time to apply your wraps.  The TruShine is VERY shiny so you may want to scuff the shine up just a tiny bit using your buffing block.  REMEMBER! DO NOT BUFF TOO HARD OR TOO LONG! You don’t want to buff through that top coat, just take the shine down a bit.  Apply your wrap as you would normally. At this point, you have a choice.  You can either be finished…but I prefer to go ahead and protect that wrap by going back to your TruShine kit and completing the steps for applying the TruShine over the wrap.  Lightly Buff, Clean, Base Coat, Top Coat, Clean and Wash Hands.

Removal:  Again, you will need to use the TruShine Remover Pockets that are in the kit.

Feel free to mix it up and use any combination of these methods to get the look you want.  Use just the TruShine Gels on a couple fingers, wraps on a couple others, clear wrap over the TruShine Color on another, and even regular lacquer on another one!  When you get comfortable with each of these applications, the possibilities are ENDLESS!  You can mix and match to your heart’s desire!

Honestly, if you have been looking at and thinking about the TruShine System, but have been a bit put off by the price, let me assure you that when you consider that the kit contains FULL SIZE products (as opposed to trial size products found in other kits) and comes with the tools you need, PLUS the Remover Pockets (most Gel Kits do not. You have to purchase removal products seperately), it really is a great deal.  And since you can use them with all the existing Jamberry Products in your stash, it just makes it even MORE cost effective since it adds durability and longevity to your manicure!

I would LOVE to see YOUR Gel/Wrap/Lacquer Manicures!  Feel free to like my FaceBook Page and share your pics!  If you are in the U.S. and would like to know how you can get your TruShine Kit for 1/2 Price, or are interested in a Bundle that will give you way more Bang for Your Buck, please feel free to contact me either through my FaceBook page, or by using the contact info on the right!


2 thoughts on “More TruShine Tips

  1. Robin

    I’d love some advice 🙂
    I’ve tried to apply TruShine over lacquer twice now. Both times, the result is perfect when I go to bed, and when I wake up, there are scratches and ridges all over my nails and the polish is ruined. At first, I thought I might not have let the lacquer dry properly, but the second time, I waited about 8 hours between applying the lacquer and the TruShine. Do you know what might be happening? I really want to be able to use the TruShine base and top coats to make my regular polish last way longer. Thank you!


    1. You know…I had that very same thing happen for the first time in all my time of using TruShine just a couple of weeks ago and only on 2 fingers. I can’t be absolutely sure, but I am thinking I got the TruShine a little thicker on those nails than I normally do. The next time I used the TruShine, I was EXTRA careful to keep my coats consistent. I don’t know how thick or thin you are applying, but I do know that thin coats of all TruShine products are key. I hope that helps!!!


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