Happy November Everyone!

When it comes to my Jamberry business, I have always had a Love/Hate relationship with the 1st of the month.  Let me explain…

The down side of a new month comes when I log into my workstation the first time and all those lovely numbers reflecting my sales, the new consultants I have signed, and basically everything I worked for during the previous month is gone.  It has all reset to a bit old Goose Egg.  There is a moment of loss mixed with anxiety when I start to panic a little bit and think “OMG!  Will this month be the month when that number STAYS at zero?  What if NO ONE wants to have pretty nails this month?  Can I find a way to match what I did last month? What if…What if…Can I…Will I…”  This is my normal routine.

THIS month however, that moment was overshadowed by the fact that when everything reset, so did my Career Title.  I am now sporting that Lead Consultant Title under my picture on My Site!  After working towards that goal for a year, I cannot TELL you how satisfying it is to see that there!  That part DEFINITELY goes into the “Love” column!

The other things that make up the “Love” part of a new month is the release of the new Sister’s Style Exclusive wraps, and the new Hostess Exclusive Wraps.  Even WE don’t get to see the SSE until the 1st of the month, so there is a bit of anticipation involved.

Offbeat Chic

This month’s Sister Style Exclusive is called Offbeat Chic.  Now, I am not sure about this one yet.  I “get” it…and I appreciate the design and am even a little intrigued by it, but I don’t know if it is “Me” ya know?  There are lots of wraps that I LIKE…but I know I would never wear, and that is part of the beauty of Jamberry Designs.  Each design speaks to certain people.  Everyone has an individual style, specific tastes, and not one of them is right or wrong, but there will always be something to reflect that style in our catalog.  So, I will let you decide for yourself.  Is this month’s a hit or miss for you?


Now, the Hostess Exclusive I LOVE.  As I have said before, you can only get this wrap by hosting a qualifying party.  In fact, you can not only earn THIS month’s Hostess Exclusive, but the exclusives for next month, AND the month after that as well!  For that reason, I already have this one in my stash thanks to a team member who earned it last month, but decided it wasn’t her style.  She knew I loved it, so now I own it!  I am here to tell you, this one is even prettier in person.  Although, I don’t know if “Pretty” is the proper way to describe it.  Funky, Fun, Colorful, Quirky, or Cool may be more accurate!

If you love the New SSE, you can just head on over to My Site and order that one!  If however you like the Hostess Exclusive as much as I do, contact me and we will get your party all set up!  November is actually a GREAT month to do a party.  People are starting to think about the upcoming holidays, and Jamberry has some amazing gifts that go beyond just Nail Wraps.  They are also thinking about upcoming Holiday Events and Jamberry Wraps and Lacquers can add the perfect, finishing touch to any special outfit for those special occasions!  You can either use the contact info on the right to contact me, OR you can go to My Site and let me know you want to Host a Party and I will contact YOU!

You know what else?  For the same reasons that November is a great month to Host a Party, it is ALSO a great month to start your OWN Jamberry Business!  And with Christmas just around the corner, who couldn’t use a little extra Christmas Cash?  I can’t BEGIN to tell you how satisfying it was for me last year to be able to buy the gifts I WANTED to buy for my family rather than having to settle for what little I could afford.  Don’t forget, I am now able to sponsor those of you in Australia and New Zealand too…and I have a feeling that Jamberry is going to EXPLODE this holiday season in those countries!  It is the first Christmas Jamberry has been available to you!  Think about that for a second!  People have an option for gift giving and for finishing their own Holiday looks that they haven’t had before, and YOU could be the one to bring it to them!  That could be HUGE!  If you are ready to get started, you can either contact me with any questions and I will be happy to answer them and walk you through the process, or if your mind is made up, you can go directly to my site and Join My Team!

Whether you want to Host a Party to earn free Jamberry Products, or you are ready to take that leap and start earning Jamberry Products AND extra income, I look forward to hearing from you!


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