Don’t Shoot the Messenger But…

Christmas! She’s a comin’ this way!  I know, I know…we JUST got through Halloween and it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet!  Don’t worry, I am not putting up my tree or decking the halls just yet.  Still a bit early for that.  What I AM doing tho is thinking about the people on my Christmas List.  I have decided that this year I am NOT waiting until the very last minute and then stress myself out trying to find that item I want for Mom, only to discover that every place is sold out, or trying to crochet 3 scarves, an afghan and 2 pairs of mittens in the 2 weeks before Christmas.  Yeah…I promise myself this every year, but this time, I MEAN it!  In fact…I have already gotten started thanks to Jamberry!


Starting today while supplies last, you can check off several women and some little girls too from your list!  Jamberry introduced their 2015 Holiday Gift Sets.  I am in LOVE with these!  Not only do they contain exclusive product, the adult sets are a great deal too!  In All is Bright and Winter Wishes you will get 2 sheets of wraps, 1 lacquer, manicure tools, and a sample size nourish in either Pear (All is Bright) or Cranberry (Winter Wishes) scent for just $45!  In the Junior box, Snow Angels, you will get 1 sheet of Junior wraps and 1 bottle of Lacquer plus the manicure tools for only $30!  I can tell you from past experience, these will NOT LAST LONG!  Order now before they are gone forever!

I just ordered mine (I got Snow Angels and All is Bright) using my Hostess Rewards!  If you would like to host your own party and earn free product like this or any of our other regular products, you can go to my site and let me know you want to Host a Party this month!  Not only will your friends be able to get some of THEIR Christmas shopping done and find just the right manicure to complete their holiday looks, YOU can use your Hostess Rewards to do a little Christmas Shopping for others OR yourself too!  Book your Party today to see how much fun it is to Party with ME!


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