New Look, New Features, New Site!

If you have gone to My Jamberry Site in the past, go today and you will notice something totally different.  What is it?  Oh…Just EVERYTHING!  Jamberry updated the look and function of the site and I for one LOVE it!  There are a couple of features I am really diggin’ on!

New Site

As you can see, this new site has a more streamlined, modern look and feel.  That is only the beginning tho!  When you click on “Shop” at the top of the page, the fun REALLY begins!  First of all, the thumbnails themselves are larger.  You get a better idea of the detail on each design without HAVING to click on it to open up a larger image.  BUT, if you WANT to get a better look…yup! Those images are larger too!

New Site ThumbsNew Site Image

AND…as an added bonus, you can toggle between thumbnail and full sheet view. I really like this because even tho some wraps aren’t a mixed mani…the design on individual wraps on the same sheet can be slightly different, like Broken Arrow shown here.

New Site Toggle

Then next thing I am REALLY excited about!  See that little heart at the bottom of the thumbnail pic?  You can see that some are empty, and some are filled in.  Well, if you click on a empty heart, it changes to solid and that means that it is on your WISH LIST!!  Yup…FINALLY…all my favorites in one place! Now when I order, I don’t have to try and remember which ones I liked best, or look through ALL the wraps to find that one I want!

New Site Wish

Something else I really like is that now, instead of having to go down that list on the side and weed through Wrap Categories to find just the Lacquers, or just the Hand Care stuff, you can now choose to browse by Wraps, Lacquers, Hand and Nail Care, Gel Enamels, Gift Cards, Boxes and Sets, or your own Nail Art Studio Designs! That also means no more jumping through hoops to order the custom wraps you have created!  In fact, I ordered some customs just the other day using this new system, and it is SO much easier and more convenient!! And if you are looking at Gels or Lacquers…you can filter by color on the left hand side!  You no longer have to wade through pinks and greens and blues and golds to find a red!

New Site Categories

So…there are other new features I am missing, I am sure…but those are the ones that have me hyped!  Don’t be shy…head on over, browse around, check it out!  If you need any assistance or have any questions, as always, give me a yell! I am happy to help!


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