Now is the Time!

It never fails.  Every Holiday Season, with just a day or two to spare, I get a frantic message with a pic of one of the upcoming Holiday Wraps asking, “Can I still get this in time!?”  While I am more than happy to stop whatever I am doing (which to be honest, usually isn’t much! LoL), assist you with your order as quickly as possible, spend the next few days stalking the tracking information (which, OK…I do that anyway) and keeping you up to date on where your order is, the truth is, there is an easier way.  You can check out all of our Holiday Wraps, pick your favorites, and place your order NOW!  To make it even easier, I have put them together, along with a couple of coordinating Lacquers, in convenient graphics!

First up…FALL!

Fall In Love

OK, it IS cutting it a bit close on some of these, but there IS still time if you are looking to have Fabulously Festive Nails at your Thanksgiving Gathering!  (Say THAT 10 times fast!)  Personally, I would wear some of these all year round! I already have people who are stocking up on the Pumpkin Spice (Top Row, 3rd from Left) and Apple Cider (3rd Row, Far Left).  The lacquers I have included here are not limited time like the wraps, but they would go beautifully with any of these wraps and are among some of my personal year round favorites!
**Please Note: The first wrap on this graphic, Fall Splendor, is a Premium Wrap and not eligible for the Buy 3 Get 1 Free offer, but it is GORGEOUS!

Approaching fast is CHRISTMAS!

Mani Christmas

There are so many fun wraps in this collection, I plan to start wearing them ASAP to make sure I have time to wear ALL my favorites!  If you are like me and just LOVE Christmas and all the fun little things that go along with it (Yes, I am one of those annoying people who tie Jingle Bells to my shoes!) you will LOVE these festive wraps that let you show off your Christmas Spirit where ever you go!  Whether you go for the Whimsical, like Christmas Elves, Classic, Like Season Bright, or Elegant, like Tinsel Poinsettia, you will find something that fits with your personal style!

If your celebration centers around a Menorah rather than a Tree, we have something for you as well!

Kindle the Light

Whether you are lighting the Menorah, spinning a Dreidel, or preparing those yummy traditional dishes for Hanukkah, your nails can shine just as bright as the candles you light.  Add some sparkle with Star of David, or layer Chag Sameach over your favorite silver, white or blue toned wrap or polish for a classic look.  Either way your nails will look fabulous for 8 days and nights!

Then of course, comes the long, cold WINTER!


Yes, the after Holiday Blah’s can get us all, but fun, flirty nails to remind you of the beauty of the season could help make those dreary days a bit brighter!  From the fun of the occasional Snow Day, to the warm cozy Friday Flannel, let your nails remind you and everyone else what is GOOD about winter!

You can get the Holiday Wraps as part of Jamberry’s Buy 3 Get 1 Free deal (with the exception of Fall Splendor as mentioned above).  And don’t forget the little ones!  They like to have fun Holiday Nails too and you can mix and match Regular and Junior Wraps as well as non-Holiday designs!

How would you like to find a Jamberry Gift in one of those brightly wrapped packages with your name on it this year?  Tell me what you want…ANYTHING you want from our catalog, and tell me who you would like to see your list and I will put on my elf ears and hat and make sure they get it!  Just fill out this simple Wishlist Form and not only will your friends and family know just what to get you this year, you will also be eligible to win a $50 Gift Certificate for Jamberry Nails!  Be sure to list me, Robin Blankenship, as your consultant and be entered to win my personal 2nd chance drawing for a $25 Gift Certificate!  You can see everything Jamberry has to offer and start making your list by going to My Site.

Umm…why are you still sitting there reading this?  Don’t you have Holiday looks to order and a Wishlist to make? What are you waiting for??  CHRISTMAS? LoL


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