I Now Return To My Regularly Scheduled Life

That’s right! The Holidays have passed, the last of the gifts have been exchanged, the old year has been laid to rest and the new year has begun full of promise and opportunity.  I have to admit, I am really excited to get back to working my Jamberry business as it kind of got lost in the shuffle over the month of December.  But that’s cool…even tho I didn’t have time to work on it like I wanted to…my mind never stopped and now I face 2016 full of new ideas, a renewed energy and appreciation for all the things that are possible!

One thing I just LOVE is that Jamberry seems to be of the same mind and are kicking the New Year off with a sweet deal for January Hostesses!

First of all, if you have been toying with the idea of hosting your own party, there is no better time than January!  Why?  Well, on top of getting a bit of “Girl Time” to chase away those After Holiday Blahs, Jamberry has decided to sweeten the pot a bit for our Hostesses!  If you hold and close a party in the month of January that hits $400 in sales (and that is way easier to do than you may think!) you will get 50% more in Hostess Rewards and DOUBLE, that’s right…DOUBLE the 1/2 off items!  AND…if your party closes before the 15th, you get a FREE sheet of Wraps too!


Remember…I can do online, in home demo’s (which are WAY fun!) or if you like, you can simply do a catalog party and collect orders from your friends, family and coworkers!  Contact me to set up your party and get started earning some fabulous rewards!


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