Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow…

24419636222_ff72506549_oWell folks.  It is that time again.  Jamberry has just released the list of products that they are retiring to make way for the NEW products in the Spring 2016 Catalog!  There is lots of excitement in Jamberryland.  Between sadness (and sometimes even outrage) over our favorites that are leaving, and the anticipation for what will Jamberry come up with next, everyone from Consultant to Customer is abuzz.  The new catalog will go live March 1, so that means that you have until February 29 (Lucky for us it is a Leap Year! We have an extra day!) to grab your favorites before they are gone forever!

While I don’t know yet what’s coming in the new catalog, I can show you what won’t be there.  I have to be honest.  When the switch from the Spring 2015 and Fall 2015 took place, I wan’t overly sad to see their choices for retirement.  This time though…well…some of them are TOUGH!  I definitely have a fairly long list this time!  First, I will show you some of the ones I will be stocking up on!

So, not ALL of these are on my list…but hey…these are the images we got so…LoL


First…the retiring Lacquers.  Now fortunately, the ONLY one of these I don’t have is the Ash…and I don’t know that I really need it.  As for the others…well, even tho I already have them, I don’t know how I feel about the fact that they won’t be there anymore. What if I run out of Stormy Seas or Mulberry? What if I lose my Pacific or Sun Kissed? (Don’t laugh…the struggle there is REAL for me! LoL).  On second thought…maybe I DO need Ash.  I don’t have a grey after all…Hmmm…


The one I am mourning here is Wild Child.  I am actually a little shocked that it is retiring.  The truth is, that one caused quite a stir when it was released this past fall and has been one of my top sellers.  Yeah…it doesn’t have a fancy design or dramatic patterns…but it is that PERFECT shade of hot pink.  Not too bright…not too purple…just right.  Yup.  DEFINITELY need another sheet of those!  Actually, Arrow was never really on my radar, but now that it is leaving, I can’t help but think that it would be an amazing accent nail with the right floral or graphic wrap.  OK…I guess that one is on my list too!


So all three of these have me a bit bummed.  Deville was already on my list, but I guess it will get bumped to the top.  And the Black and White Tiger…well…it’s BLACK AND WHITE!!! If you follow this blog at all, y’all KNOW how I feel about black and white! The Mirror Mirror is just eye-catching elegance at it’s best.  Yeah…my list just keeps getting longer! UGH!


Out of Focus…say it ain’t so!  I just LOVE this wrap! In fact, it was a part of one of my all time FAVORITE “Jamicures”! And now that I am looking at the Rosy Quatrefoil, I am thinking that too would be a great accent wrap for so many other wraps that are already in my stash.  Sigh…my list is moving into Out of Control territory now!

These and so many other gorgeous wraps will soon be gone for good!  If you want to get yours before they are gone for good, you can order direct from My Site.  If your wish list is bigger than your budget, trust me…I get that!  You can always Book a Party and earn your favorites for free or at a discount!  If you want more details, you can always Contact Me!

To Be Continued….


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