Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow Part 2

So I promised MORE Going, Going, Gone images…and so you shall have them.  I showed you some of the ones that I am truly sorry to see go.  Today, let’s talk about some of the ones that I never really paid attention to before, but now that I know they won’t be there after February 29, they are definitely on my radar!


Of the three in this picture, I have Good Vibes and have never used them, so I am ok there…but check out Gray Matters! I am thinking that maybe I need those to USE with Good Vibes!  Again…it’s the whole “Black and White” obsession, I know. But I just can’t help myself.  I am also thinking that while I have Raven Lacquer if I want a solid black…it isn’t metallic!  Tungsten is!  Yeah.  I think I may need the first 2 on this image to go with the third one that I already have!


Understand, I have NEVER been an overly huge fan of a lot of the Floral Wraps…I think that they are pretty…but most are a bit to “busy” for my taste and style to wear on all my fingers.  Then, I started mixing them in w/ other wraps and lacquers for mixed mani’s and now all those lovely florals that were never on my list have worked their way onto it.  Faded Bouquet is one that is closer to the top of that list!  Now that it is going, I see it making a huge leap to the VERY top of my list!  As for Arcade and Icy Berry Polka, well, seeing them side by side with Faded Bouquet, I am thinking these would be PERFECT accents for a Mixed Mani that features Faded Bouquet!


Another Floral that I had put on my “Maybe” list that is now on my “Gotta Have It List” is Reminisce.  I think it is the black background that does it for me on this one.  Then there is Chasse.  That one has been on my “Maybe” list as well.  Needless to say, it also is getting promoted!  While I think I will be able to let Boysenberry Chevron go personally, I know that there are fans of deep purple/burgundy out there that are going to be sad to see this one leave!


Again, Pretty in Pink I have, but haven’t worn yet, so it would be silly of me to pitch a fit over this one.  Spearhead and Found...well, maybe a LITTLE fit!  Spearhead is another that wasn’t on my list, but the more I look at the funky herringbone pattern, the more I think it SHOULD be!  And Found? Well, come ON! It is funky black and pink leopard spots on a clear background!  What’s NOT to love!?


There is just one in this image that I am considering grabbing, and that is Icy Gold and Silver Polka.  There is something about the simple elegance of it that is really making me think it needs to be in my stash!  Tapestry, while interesting, just isn’t my cup of tea.  Almond, also a GREAT accent for so many of our wraps just isn’t one of my normal color choices.  I will be able to let those two go without a fuss I think.

Lot’s of great looks are going, and I haven’t even shown you half of them yet!  There will be more in the days to come so stay tuned.  In the meantime, if there is something you have questions about or if you would like to TRY A SAMPLE…just let me know! I will be more than happy to help!


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