A Little Giggle

Yup…this pretty much sums up how I became a consultant! LoLBuyAllJams

Is your Jamberry Wishlist Bigger than YOUR Wallet??  Do you want to make some extra cash while earning FREE Jamberry Products?  Maybe you just want something that will get you out of the house every now and then.  Contact Me if you would like to learn more, or you can go to My Site to learn more about Joining My Jamberry Team!  If the FAQ doesn’t answer all of your questions, I will be glad to talk with you via chat, phone, e-mail or text! If you live in Australia or New Zealand, I would love to see my team go Global!  With the “Going, Going, Gone!” push really gearing up in just a few days, and the New Catalog just around the corner, this is a FABULOUS time to join!!


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