Going, Going, Gone…Juniors

It isn’t just the adult designs that are being retired to make way for new.  The Junior Wraps are taking a hit this time around as well!  Of course, that means that there will be all NEW Junior Designs, but at the moment, that doesn’t make it any easier to say goodbye to some old favorites.  Take a look at today’s post and check to see if there are any Must Haves that you need to grab for your little angel before February is over!


Sadly, I don’t have any little girls of my own anymore, but that doesn’t mean I am not sad to see some of these go!  On this image, Boardwalk cuts me the deepest.  Having ordered a sheet of these (which I presented to a “Little Helper” at one of my in-home parties) I can tell you they are ADORABLE!  Honestly, I had plans to use these for a pedicure (the smaller size means no cutting to fit those little piggies!) but when the daughter of my hostess fell in love with them, I couldn’t blame her and the look on her face when I gave them to her was totally worth it!  Even MORE worth it was when I ran into them in a local store a few weeks later and she ran up to me to show me that she was wearing them on her nails!  Whether your own Little Helper likes the bright colors of Boardwalk, the whimsy of ABC 123, or the fun of Spotted Waldo, you can’t go wrong with a gift of Jamberry JuniorOut 24160128999_deabdcce64_o

Out of these three soon to be gone designs, I think I am going to miss seeing Flower Patch the most.  Something about the colors and the design just makes me smile!  Honestly tho, I have always wished they made an adult version of the polka dot wrap that is featured on the Sly as a Fox.  I always thought Mod Love would be perfect for those little girls who are at that “In-Between” place.  Not big enough to wear the adult size wraps, but old enough to want something not so “cutesy” either.


As you can see on this image, we are losing some Mommy and Me designs as well!  I have several customers that will be sad to see this one go!  Army Camo (Adult Wrap) and Camo Kids have been favorites of some of the amazing ladies on my list.  If like them, you are a supporter of our Military, or just love the look of camo, these designs are ones to stock up on before the end of February!


At first glance, these may make you think “Valentine’s Day”, and while they ARE the perfect wrap for the Day of Love…is there really a BAD time to wear your heart on your sleeve…or your nails as the case may be?  Matchmaker and First Crush (another Mommy and Me Manicure) will be gone at the end of February along with Cupid!

It seems like there are a ton of favorites going this time around…and I am not finished yet!  There are still a few more designs that we will be saying good bye to.  If you see something you know you have to have before it is gone, you can order direct from My Site, or, if you prefer, contact me and I will be happy to place an order for you.  Don’t forget, these are all Buy 3 Get 1 Free and you can mix and match Junior and Adult Sizes!


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