The Rest…of the Story…

For the past few days, I have showed you the retiring Jamberry Products based on what I am sad or surprised to see go.  There are SO many more.  I have decided that I will show you the rest today only commenting on a few.  Some I already have and aren’t in love with them enough to need more than the sheet or half sheet currently in my stash, and some just aren’t my cup of tea…but that doesn’t mean that some of these won’t send YOU running to My Site to stock up! That is the wonderful thing about having over 300 Wraps and almost 50 lacquers to choose from!  There really IS something for everyone! Is YOUR style here in today’s post?


I got a little upset when I first saw this! I absolutely LOVE the Lacquer Remover (It removes wraps like a DREAM as well!) and the Nail Cleanser! Turns out tho that while they are retiring these bottles, they aren’t retiring what is inside! YAY! They are actually changing the bottle so that it locks closed to reduce spills, AND the bottles will be a little bigger and contain more product!  But, the price WILL be going up by a couple of dollars to make that happen.  Just so you know.



While this Colour Suite, Fairy Tale, is retiring, 2 of the colors will still be available.  Flirt and the Glitter Effect Top Coat will still be available.  Mulberry however, is retiring.  Morning Mist (the blue color) is exclusive to this set and cannot be purchased seperately.  If you are a fan of this set, and the 2 retiring colors especially, don’t wait.  Retiring Lacquer are on a “While Supplies Last” basis.

Now, to browse through at your liesure, are the rest of the retiring wraps!

If you have any questions about these, or any other designs or products, please contact me using the contact info on this blog.  Of course you can always reach me on my Jamberry Page on Facebook!  Happy Shopping Everyone!



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