My Latest Lacquer Obsession

If you follow this blog or my FaceBook Jamberry Page, you probably know that as much as I love the wraps, I am a HUGE fan (and collector) of the Lacquers.  I have enough that there are some I have never actually worn. I know…that is just stupid, but there it is! What can I say…I am addicted! LoL  So, today, I decided that instead of doing wraps w/ a Lacquer Accent, I would turn it around and do mainly Lacquer with a Wrap Accent.


 I bought the Bourbon Street Color Suite mainly to get that GORGEOUS Purple Lacquer, Masquerade, that is exclusive to that set. It had been sitting there a while so I decided to go with that using the Metro Wrap as the accent.  Now, this color, like several of the new colors introduced in the Fall Catalog this past September, have an almost Iridescent finish.  I don’t know if that is the right word for it, but it is as close as I can get.  It isn’t really a Pearl finish, and it isn’t totally a glitter, nor is it a solid color.  Whatever it is…it is GORGEOUS!  I have decided that I need ALL of the colors with this finish!  I have a couple of the others, namely I Lava You, Waltz, and So Presh.  I had “tested” each of those on a toe or a finger when I got them…but until I did a whole Jamicure with Masquerade as the focus, I don’t think I truly appreciated them!


There are several colors offered in this finish ranging from Classic to Bold.  I am betting there is one (or more) that fits perfectly with your personal style and preference!  You can see these and ALL our Lacquers and shop for your favorites on my Jamberry Site.  Don’t forget! If you purchase 4 Lacquers, you will get 10% off at Checkout! As always, if you have any questions or would like assistance mixing and matching Wraps, Lacquers, or even the Gel Colors, I am more than happy to help!  All you have to do is ask!


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