All Fun, No Commitment!

Who doesn’t like to get fun mail?  I know I do!  Now, there are a LOT of subscription services out there including Jamberry’s own StyleBox, which I LOVE and highly recommend, but up front payments and long-term commitments aren’t for everyone.  I get it! But what if you could pay as you go, and opt out of any month, as many months, as you like?  If that sounds pretty good to you, and you live in the United States, I may have the answer!  I have revamped and am relaunching my Wrap of the Month Club!


It is pretty simple! Each month, you will receive a PayPal invoice for $16 (wrap plus tax). Decide if you want the default wrap, which will be the Sisters’ Style Exclusive for that month, or you can choose any non-premium wrap (including Juniors) instead. Pay the invoice by the 15th of the month, I place the order and send it out to you! You pay just $16 (wrap plus tax) and shipping is FREE!  In addition, each month I will slip a little something extra into your package.  I am not going to lie…it will usually be something small, but hey…FREE! LoL  What if you want more than just 1 sheet of wraps?  Well, you just let me know, I will send you a NEW invoice for the cost of your Wrap of the Month and any additional wraps plus tax, and I will include them with your shipment and Free Shipping still applies! Unfortunately, due to shipping costs, I need to restrict this offer to residents of the United States.  I would LOVE to go international with this, but at this time, it just isn’t feasible so to my Canadian, Australian and New Zealand friends, I do apologize for that.

Ready to join?  Just click on the image and fill out a Short Form and I will have all the info I need!   Sign up before February 10 to start your membership this month!


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