The Wait is OVER!

UPDATE: THEY ARE HERE!!!!!    The Disney Collection By Jamberry!!!

For a long time, those of us in Jamberryland have been speculating about a possible collaboration between Jamberry and Disney. (Imagine us singing “Some daaaay…our PRINTS will come…” LoL) Last night during the Summit Meetings that were held all across the country,  the Fairy Tale Came TRUE!!!  And the best part…no long wait filled with anticipation. No frantic searching for previews that the consultants don’t even have yet!  That’s right folks! I am thrilled to share, The Disney Collection by Jamberry!  These will be available at 10:00 a.m. Mountain Time (for me, here in EST, that will be High Noon!)

First we have designs featuring the ever fashionable Disney Minnie Mouse!


Look at this stuff…isn’t it neat…how can you say your collection’s complete?  That’s right! Everyone’s favorite mermaid, Disney Princess Ariel graces 6 different designs in this first round of releases!


And last but not least of our Disney Princesses to be featured…here she is, fresh from a nice long nap…Disney Princess Aurora!


You may have noticed that none of these wraps are Junior sizes.  Yeah…that surprised me too, but we have been assured those are coming soon as well.  If your little ones can’t wait, stay tuned later this week.  I will have a solution for you!

Just a few more details to share here and I will let you get back to drooling over these gorgeous designs!  First of all, for the time being, they are only available in the US and Canada.  (Sorry to my Australian and New Zealand Friends!) They are premium wraps and will not be eligible for any discounts such as B3G1, Hostess Rewards or Product Credits.  The price on these are $18 per sheet (U.S.) and $22 per sheet (Canada).

I am so very excited about these wraps as well as what is to come from this collaboration. I will be back to include direct links in this post as soon as these beauties go live!  Remember, they will be available on My Site today!!


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