Release the Inner Junior

Yesterday, there was a lot of excitement over the release of the new Disney Collection by Jamberry.  There was also some disappointment that at the moment, they are only available in adult size.  As I said yesterday, Juniors ARE coming!  I am guessing it won’t be too awful long before they are available.  However, if your little one can’t wait to wear Disney Princess Ariel on her nails, I have a solution for you! In fact, this little trick works for trimming down ANY wrap to fit your nail!  I am going to show you how to make a template, and do it in a way that you only need to do it ONCE!!

First of all, you are going to need a couple of things that I am betting you already have!


OK…didn’t notice I kind of had a whole Purple Theme going on until just now…but hey! It’s Jamberry so we will go with it! LoL  So, what we have here is everything you will need.

  1. Scotch Tape
  2. Sharpie Marker (The Fine Tip kind would work better, but I couldn’t find mine so the regular Sharpie will work fine as long as it still has a decent point on it)
  3. Scissors (Smaller craft scissors work well)
  4. Thin cardboard.  I used a piece from an envelope box. Cereal boxes, paper plates, or even regular poster board would also work great!
  5. The wraps you want to cut down
  6. Wraps that are the size you want (optional)

Now, there are a couple of ways to get the correct size to make your template. If you have a sheet of wraps (in this case, Juniors) that have wraps that are the size you want still on the sheet, then you can use those!  If not, you can make a template from the nail itself. I don’t have any little ones around to demonstrate that on, so I used my own finger. Yes…my nails are naked! Don’t judge…I am waiting for my Stylebox to come in the mail today! LoL  Anyway, you are going to place the tape on the nail, or on the back of the sheet of wraps over the wrap you want to copy. Using your marker, simply trace around.  You may notice that the tape on the back of the sheet of Junior Wraps has what look like fingerprints all over it. That is because before placing the tape on the sheet, I quickly stuck it to the back of my hand. I didn’t want it TOO sticky because I want to be able to easily remove the tape once I have my outline.

The next thing you are going to do is take your tape and place it on your cardboard.  You will use the outline to cut your template.  Notice I am cutting around the INSIDE of my line.  If I cut around the outside, it would be too large and there would be more trimming involved. Now, you COULD place the tape with the outline directly on the back of the wrap you want to trim, but if you do it on the cardboard first, you will have a template that you can save for later use and not have to go through all this again!

So…now you have your template cut out.  All that’s left is to use it to transfer it onto the wrap you are cutting (Here is where that fine tip Sharpie would really make it easier!) You will notice that I have marked the template with the finger that it is for.  This will make things much easier the next time you need to cut down a wrap!  Basically, all you are going to do is place your template on the back side of the wrap you want to trim, trace around the template then cut it out. Now you have a wrap that is JUST the size you need!


So that’s it! I hope you found this helpful!  If you have any question or would like to show me your results, or just your favorite manicures, I would LOVE to hear from you!  You can reach me using the contact info on the right, or you can always come and see me on my Jamberry Page on Facebook! Be sure to like it while you are there so you can message me and keep up with not just my blog posts, but other random tidbits!  I just love hearing from new people and making new friends!  You can also look under the “Tips and Tricks” category to see more posts that will help you get the most from your Jamberry Products! There is even a category for TruShine Tips!  Until next time my friends…


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