Hot off the Presses!

I know you have heard (or read as the case may be) me say before that Jamberry is on the cutting edge of fashion and is gaining momentum in the fashion industry.  Now, I get it…it sounds like the standard sales pitch. A bit of embellishment to make the products I sell seem more desirable.  Well, this time, I have proof! To paraphrase Kid Rock, “It ain’t braggin’ if ya say it and ya back it up!”

Check out just a few of the articles that Jamberry has been featured in!

The Gloss

Be Chic Mag

The Source

Elle Canada


Nail It

It isn’t just the online fashion community that is going wild for Jamberry!  Our products have also been showing up in print!



So, if you are ready to see what all the buzz is about and give Jamberry a try, all you have to do is REQUEST A SAMPLE.  Yup…it is seriously THAT easy!  (US and UK only please).  If you have thought about it long enough and are ready to jump in, you can shop for your favorite designs and products on My Site!


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