March StyleBox! All About Pastel!

And once again, I am having a tough time deciding which of the StyleBox options to choose!  Seriously…why can’t they do 1 cute one and 2 ugly ones so it would be easier!  On the one hand, I am in LOVE with the pink gingham…but those mint green polka dots are ADORABLE!  Don’t get me started on the over the top style of those purple and grey geometric shapes!!  See for yourself!

Don’t have a StyleBox subscription? I would say that March would be a killer month to start with!  Sign up before March 1 and you will get your StyleBox during the first part of the month!  Sign up before March 15, and your StyleBox will ship on or around the 20th. After that? Well, then you would just have to wait for April…and who wants to wait??  Minimum of $30 in EXCLUSIVE Jamberry products plus bonuses every now and then for only $25 plus tax and FREE SHIPPING, delivered right to your door each month…YES PLEASE!!  Start YOUR StyleBox Subscription by clicking RIGHT HERE, take the short style quiz (don’t worry…if you don’t like the box that your style quiz says you should…you can change it each month! I do! LoL) then choose a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription.  The longer you sign up for, the more you save!  After your subscription is done, you can either cancel or do nothing and continue to receive your monthly StyleBox for just $25 a month automatically billed to your card.  What if you don’t like any of the options in a month? Well, I don’t know how that would happen, but if it does, no worries, you are allowed to skip a month from time to time (1 time every 4 months I believe).  You also have the option of gifting your StyleBox to someone else!  Don’t let another month of Jamberry Awesomeness shipped right to your door at a great price pass you by!  Start Your Subscription Now!!


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