Snow Much for Spring!

Last weekend here in Indiana, the temps climbed into the high 50’s and even made it into the low 60’s in some areas.  I thought Spring was going to make an early entrance and I couldn’t have been happier!  Of course, having lived in Indiana all my life I should have known better!  That’s right folks…the Snow she’s a comin’!  Right now, they are predicting that my area will get between 4 and 10 inches between tomorrow and Thursday.

On the bright side, I thought I had messed around and missed my chance to wear the last of my Winter Wraps.  Thanks to the fickle Indiana climate…I get one last chance!  Ahhhh…the weather in Indiana.  You can’t beat it…EMBRACE it! LoL

Serene Snow (Retired) over Diamond Dust Sparkle, with a Touch of Sparkle for added bling, Raven Lacquer and Graphite Trushine Gel Enamel.  TruShine Base and Top Coat over the wraps.

Serene Snow


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