The Wearin’ O’ the…FLOWERS??

Hi! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to one and all!  May your pockets be heavy, may your heart be light. May Good Luck pursue you each morning and night!  (Yeah…totally copied that off my FB wall! LoL)

You are probably expecting me to show you a pic of me Sham-Rockin’ some St. Patty’s Day Wraps (see what I did there…SHAM-Rockin’? LoL)  Well, I WAS Sporting the whole Green and Gold thing with my Bit O’ Luck Wraps…but I took those off Tuesday night.

Bit O Luck

WHY, you may ask, would I take off those gorgeous wraps just 2 days before the Holiday they were intended for?  Well…the pull of the Countryside was just far too strong! LoL  You see…later the same day I put those wraps on, I got my first NEW catalog order in the mail.  Along with the new Deluxe Tool Kit and the Sister Style Exclusive, Color Crush (even MORE gorgeous in person BTW) I got 3 of the New Designs!  I couldn’t fight it any longer! I just HAD to give Countryside a whirl!!  Of course, you know me well enough by now that I had to do a mixed mani!!  So I paired Countryside with Metro and TruShine Candy Apple Gel Enamel.  Yup…I am in LOVE with this “Jamicure”!


If you haven’t seen all of the fabulous new looks in the Spring 2016 catalog, CLICK HERE and see for yourself!  So many of the new designs I want…er…NEED!  I have a feeling my fingers are going to be a revolving door of wraps for the next month or so!  Wait…what’s that I hear? Is that Square Dance calling my name BEGGING to be worn? Or maybe it was Overlap taunting me with how amazing it would look over the Flamingo Gel Enamel?  Yeah…those are in there waiting for me too!


 What?  Picnic Party, Trippin‘ and Butterfly Bliss is scheduled to be delivered on Friday??


 AAAAHHHHHH!!!  What’s a girl to DO?? I don’t suppose anyone has a couple of fingers I can borrow…I think I am going to need a few extras!  I simply do NOT have enough of my own to wear all these gorgeous wraps fast enough! LoL


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