Take a Look at Why You Should Book!

Recently I have posted about why you should consider booking your own Jamberry party. I even did a little VIDEO explaining that you really have nothing to lose, but you could earn all kinds of goodies.  I realize that TALKING about what you could earn in Hostess Rewards is kind of vague…so thanks to one of my recent Hostesses, I can SHOW you and maybe it will be a bit more clear.  I received this photo yesterday right after her Hostess Rewards were delivered to her door.  Now…she recently got the TruShine Gel Enamel System for herself, so she was thrilled to be able to add all these Gel Colors to her collection! Keep in mind, this was an ONLINE party that she held on FaceBook! Check this out!!


What you are looking at is $334 retail value.  Between Free Product Credit and 1/2 off items, she paid a grand total of $47.50 for ALL of this! In addition to what you see, she also has a code for FREE SHIPPING on anything she orders for the next 5 months!  She also had someone book a party from her and when THAT party hit just $150 in sales, she recieved another 1/2 off coupon to use on any 1 item in the catalog (minus the Premium Wraps and Full TruShine Kit)  Now, I can’t promise you that your party will do as well as hers did…but there is simply no reason why it can’t or won’t.  Just think…what if Lana (my hostess) would have decided NOT to have a party because she didn’t think anyone would order?  She would have eventually more than likely ordered most of this…she is also one of my VIP customers…but it would have cost her full retail price, AND she would not have gotten the 3 wraps on the right because those are Hostess Exclusives!  She also would be paying shipping on those items as she ordered them, and she wouldn’t have gotten another TruShine Gel Color at 1/2 off! (That is what she chose to purchase with her coupon)

So ask yourself…what 1 wrap would you like to have for FREE!? All it takes is a $100 Party!  How would you like to get the TruShine Gel Enamel System for 1/2 Price? Just a $150 Party is all it takes and you have a 1/2 off item that can be used for the kit PLUS $15 to spend on another wrap or a lacquer!  Want another Gel Color to go with your new TruShine Kit?  Yup…if your party hits $200 you will have $20 to spend (the cost of a regular Gel Color) PLUS another 1/2 off item! (That Deluxe Tool Kit is REALLY nice…especially at 1/2 off!)  You see where I am going with this.  Jamberry actually has one of the most generous Hostess Rewards programs out there.  Book a Party with me, and I promise to do my absolute best to get you to your Hostess Rewards Goal!

I am just going to leave this little Rewards Chart here for you to take a look at so you can see how much you can actually earn.


I have to run…I have to help another Hostess select HER rewards now!  BTW…I happen to know that she is DEFINITELY getting the TruShine Gel System with 1 of her 1/2 off items!!  Just think…in a couple of weeks, it could be YOU trying to decide what you want with YOUR Hostess Rewards!  Contact Me directly to request a party, or you can go to My Site to let me know you are ready to start earning those Hostess Rewards!


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