Jamberry Has Me Seeing RED!!

So, quite a few months back, I told you about how the confidence and sense of self-worth I found through Jamberry helped me decide that I was WORTH the investment that it would take to have a new, beautiful smile.  While financially, I am not footing the bill alone thanks to my wonderful fiance and his mom, I am the one that has put in the time, discomfort and patience throughout the process knowing that I AM worth it!  Well, this past Wednesday, the journey reached its final stages.  Up until that point, the smile I was sporting, while better than the one I had before, was temporary.  On Wednesday, I got the smile I will have from now on.  A few days before, I was talking to my Dental Hygienist, who is also a member of my Jamberry Team. I was telling her that to celebrate my new smile, I was on the hunt for a beautiful, rich, red lipstick or stain.  You see, I have always LOVED the look of a bold red lip…but I never wanted to draw that much attention to my mouth because of my teeth.  In fact, I very rarely wore lipstick at all.  My make up efforts were spent mainly on my eyes in the hopes that they would draw attention from my smile.  Well, Wednesday arrived and it was time to go. Upon arriving at the dentists office, Amanda, my Hygienist and Team Member, was at a conference, but she left me a gift.  In a bold red gift bag, stuffed with red tissue, I found a small quilted bag.  In that bag, there were 3 very pretty but very different RED LIPSTICKS!!


(I am wearing the Rimmel London in Kiss Me You Fool on my lips.  My Nails are sporting Square Dance, Country Club, and French Tip Pink)

I was so touched, and so excited…the girls that were there even made me try one of them on before I left! Now, all of this made me realize that had it not been for Jamberry, even if I HAD been forced to fix my teeth for health reasons (whether I felt worthy or not), that moment may not have been as amazing and as special as it turned out to be.  Follow me for a second here…

So, because of Jamberry, I had the confidence to decide that I DESERVE a beautiful smile.  Because I felt worthy of that smile, I walked into a dentists office. Because I walked into that office wearing my Jamberry Wraps, my nails got as much attention on that visit as my teeth.  Because they were interested, I gave them all samples, books, and business cards. Because they were able to try Jamberry for themselves, one girl in particular decided to place an order.  Because she decided to order, she found the “Join My Team” page on my site.  Because she was so impressed with the product, she took the time to actually consider the opportunity. Because she was interested in the opportunity, she reached out to me for more information.  Because she liked what she heard as well as the product, she decided to become a consultant herself.  Because she became a consultant and chose me as her sponsor, we got to know each other on a personal level.  Because we got to know each other during conversations that started over marketing strategies and questions about placing orders, we became friends.  Because we became friends, she understood what getting a new smile meant to me.  Because she understood what it meant to me, she made sure I had the bold, red lips I had always wanted the second my new smile was in place.  It is kind of like that little rhyme/song from my childhood, The House that Jack Built…only this version is The Friendship that Jamberry Built.

What is the point to this story? Well, it is about the fact that Jamberry has given me so much more than commission and bonus checks.  It has given me more than another income that I can use to buy myself and my loved ones those little “extras”.  It has given me the courage to decide what I want and go for it. It has given me friendship that go above and beyond Nail Wraps.  It has given me confidence and a sense of accomplishment that I have not felt in a very, VERY long time.  This particular experience served to remind me that many times, the road we travel isn’t so much about the destination as it is about the journey itself.  When I ordered that Consultant’s Kit over a year and a half ago, I started down a road.  I didn’t, and still don’t, know where that road will end.  At this point tho, it doesn’t matter.  Whether it ends with me building a team and a business that brings me a steady, respectable income, or whether Lead Consultant is as high up the ranks as I ever get and the money I earn is just enough for the little things…it’s irrelevant. The Red Lip Experience, as I have dubbed it, has shown me that it really doesn’t matter when or where my Adventures in Jamberryland end, it has been one hell of a journey so far and I will continue to cherish every “Road Story” from here on out because those stories, my friend, are where the memories are.

Would you like to start your own collection of “Road Stories”?  If you live in the US, New Zealand, Australia, or the UK, contact me and I would be happy to show you where the road through Jamberryland starts.  Of course, where you go from there is totally up to you, but I will be with you every step of the way serving as a guide, travel companion, and friend.  You can reach me with the contact information on the right, through My Site, or Find Me on Facebook!


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