Game Changers: StyleBox

Sometimes, a product is just so amazing, it seems hard to believe that it can get any better.  For me, one of those products is Jamberry Nail Wraps. They are fun, easy, fashionable, and affordable.  There are over 300 different designs and colors to choose from including licensed wraps so whether you are looking for the perfect finishing touch for Prom, Weddings, or Everyday or if you want to show off your passions and favorite college teams, Jamberry has you covered…well…your nails anyway! As awesome as the wraps are, there are a couple of products in the catalog that have come along lately that took my wraps to a whole new level.  I call these the Game Changer products.  Today is the first of a series of posts highlighting some of these products and telling you why each of them has a place of honor on my list of Jamberry Game Changers



So how is StyleBox a “Game Changer” you ask?  After all, it is still wraps, right??  In this case, it isn’t the wraps themselves (although who doesn’t LOVE an exclusive design or two?) but how you get them.  A StyleBox subscription brings a minimum of $30 in EXCLUSIVE Jamberry Products to your door each month for no more than $25 plus tax.  All you have to do is select which of the 3 different boxes (Feminine, Classic, or Trendy) you want each month and then stalk the mailman until your StyleBox is in your hands!  As an added bonus, each box comes with a fresh orange stick and Jamberry File, plus every couple of months, you will find a little something extra in your box.  Some of the past extras have been things like Lacquer, Metallic Tattoos, Lipstick, Eye shadow, Limited Edition Wraps, and Toe Separators for a flawless pedicure.

MarchSB OH

This particular look is my current Jamicure consisting of one of the March StyleBox exclusives (the little flowers on my pinky and index finger), a StyleBox exclusive from a few months back (the blue and white stripes on my middle finger) and Rumba, one of our new TruShine Gel Enamel Colors.  You still have a few days to get March StyleBox.  For more information, or to start your own StyleBox Subscription, visit the StyleBox Page on My Site!


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