Game Changer: Application Kit

While it is true that there are no “special” tools are required to apply the wraps…having the PROPER tools can make all the difference in the world when it comes to both nail prep AND application. Having a good quality version of these tools all together in one convenient kit is a total Game Changer!  In case you haven’t guessed, today we are going to talk about the basic Application Kit.

Application Kit

Let me start by saying that this kit comes in 2 versions.  The first and most basic is without the Jamberry Cuticle Oil.  The second version (shown here) has the Cuticle Oil included.  I highly recommend the kit WITH the Cuticle Oil.  Not only is it a better value, the oil is essential to keep your nails hydrated and healthy under the wraps, lacquers and gels offered by Jamberry.

Now…lets talk a bit about the tools.  See that little purple stick in the picture?  That is a rubber tipped cuticle pusher, but in Jamberryland it is known as Purple Gold.  Why?  Because that little rubber tip is FABULOUS for sealing the edges and working out wrinkles and bubbles during application.  Honestly, if I could only have ONE tool from my application kit and had to find substitutes for the rest, that little rubber tipped stick would be my choice!

I realize that most people have manicure scissors and nail clippers in their home…but to be totally honest, I have NEVER owned a pair of either that were as high quality as the ones found in the Jamberry Application Kit.  In fact, I am still using the scissors and clippers that were in my consultants kit as I have for every manicure for the past year and a half and they still work like new.  They haven’t dulled, become loose, or had any of the other issues I have had with other scissors and clippers.

Now you are probably thinking that the Jamberry file is the same as any other file or emery board.  WRONG!!!  This little black wonder is the PERFECT grit for removing the excess wrap from the end of your nail without taking off too much of the length of your nail!  In the past year and a half, I have only needed to replace my file once…well twice if you count the one the cat stole out of my bag that I forgot to zip closed, but for the purpose of this post, we won’t.  Every other file like this one I have ever owned started separating at the edges after just a few uses.  Either that or the “grit” has started wearing off and I found myself constantly searching for a “good spot” on the file to use.  I have NEVER had to do that with the Jamberry File.  In fact, the one I did replace still worked fine, I decided to grab a new one mainly because I had been carrying it around in my bag for so long, it was starting to look a little beat up, and that was after almost a year of use!

The last tool I want to talk about in detail is the buffing block.  It is a 4 sided block that is great for going over the ends of your nails to smooth out any rough edges left from filing off the excess wrap.  Because it is a very, very fine grit, it is also good for when you need to scuff your nails or wraps up a bit to layer a wrap, a specialty top coat, or the gels.  It will take off the shine, without damaging the nail (as long as you aren’t over buffing or using too much pressure). I always use the buffing block to take the shine off my wraps before using the TruShine system to finish my look.

Also included with the kit are two Nail Prep Wipes.  These wipes contain the exact same formula as the Jamberry Nail Cleanser, so you are actually getting a sample of that product!  You also get two orange sticks for lifting the wraps from the sheet, pushing back cuticles, and cleaning lacquer or gel from the edges of your nail.  The last thing is the case itself.  I absolutely LOVE the case.  It is PERFECT for travel because you can put your tools, any wraps you are planning to apply while away and your mini heater all in this great, convenient little bag.  Even at home, I love the convenience of knowing that I can grab this bag and all the tools I need are in there.

If you have any questions, or would like more information about any of the products, you can contact me using the info on the right, or you can reach me on my Facebook Page or get a hold of me on My Jamberry Site.


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