May StyleBox: All That Glitters + Bonus Lacquer + Special Offer from ME!

WHAT??  You have been drooling over the StyleBox images and vids for months now but you STILL haven’t started your subscription?  Well…looks like this is the PERFECT time to fix that!!  May’s StyleBox, All That Glitters, not only gives you 3 GORGEOUS choices, but this month, each box comes with a free lacquer!!  That is $45 retail value for only $25 (or less)!!  PLUS, if you Start Your Subscription with me before May 15, 2016 you will also receive a FREE GIFT from ME!!!  More about that later tho…right now, I want to show you your StyleBox Options for May.  The Gold Colored Lacquer shown on the models is the free lacquer included in each box!







Getting started is easy! Just go to My Site and take a short quiz to determine your style (don’t worry…you can choose whatever StyleBox you like best each month regardless of the outcome of the little quiz).  Then, just choose the length of your initial subscription…3 months, 6 months or 12 months.  The longer your subscription, the more you save!  After your initial subscription is up, you can cancel, resubscribe for more savings, or do nothing and you will continue to receive your StyleBox each month for only $25 plus tax (billed to the card you use to sign up, but you can change that as well!)


Now, here is where the special offer from ME comes into play!!  If you subscribe for 3 months, you will get a Free Application Kit w/out Cuticle Oil.  Subscribe for 6 months and get a Free Mini Heater!!  Subscribe for 1 year and get a Deluxe Tool Kit!!  Remember, you must subscribe through me by May 15.  So…what are you waiting for??  Head on over to the StyleBox Page of My Site and get started TODAY!!!  If you subscribe before the 1st of May, your StyleBox will ship in the first week of May, if you start between the 1st and the 15th, it will ship on or around the 20th.  The sooner you subscribe, the sooner these goodies are in and on your hands!!


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