Throwback Thursday…With a Twist!

I know, I know…I am a day late posting this, but I have a good reason…I SWEAR! You see, after they released the Throwback Thursday Wrap yesterday, but before I could get here to post about it, they made an announcement.  A SECOND TBT Wrap!!  But with THAT announcement came ANOTHER announcement.  They told us that later in the day they would be releasing a THIRD TBT Wrap!  That’ right!! THREE Throwback Thursday Wraps!  So…I decided to wait until all three had been announced so I could show you all of them at once! Ready? Here we go!


First, there is Mirror Mirror. No, they didn’t really have to get into the Wayback Machine with Peabody and Sherman for this one, but it looks so cute with the Canada Relief Wrap (Oh! News about that one too later in this post!) they couldn’t resist!


The second of the Throwback Three is First Frost.  This one made its original appearance as a Sisters Style Exclusive in the early months of 2015, and was seen again for a short time during the Black Friday promotions last year.  Not only was it one of our more popular SSE Wraps, it also looks adorable with the Canada Relief Wrap and Mirror Mirror…so they decided to give it one last dance before it goes away for good!


The last Throwback Thursday Wrap, now THIS one I am absolutely DROOLING over. This one was before my time and I don’t think I have ever seen it before. Turquoise & Silver Crisscross! Now, during last year’s TBT Promotion, they re-released Purple Crisscross, and that one was gorgeous too, but I had no idea it had a sister!  This wrap is just stunning and I can see it on my fingers and toes at the beach or poolside!


 OH! I promised you some news about the Canada Relief Wrap too, didn’t I?  Well, since our TBT Wraps pair so well with the CRW, they have EXTENDED the availability of the CRW!  That’s RIGHT! Originally, it was only available until tonight, but now, all that Red/Rose/White Crisscross yumminess along with our 3 TBT Wraps are available until Sunday, 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time!  You have the weekend to get all 4 of these wraps!


I originally planned to place a bulk order for the Canada Relief Wraps last night (Thursday) but with the announcement of the Throw Back Thursday Wraps, I decided to hold that order for 1 more day.  What does that mean for you? That means if you want ANY of these wraps (or actually, any wrap at all) just contact me with your order, I will give you your payment options, and you will get FREE SHIPPING!  That’s right! FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the USA!

You can contact me using the info on the right, through My Jamberry Site, or even send me a message on My FaceBook Page. Remember, this will be your last or only chance to get these wraps.  You don’t want to wake up Monday morning playing the “I Wish I Would Have” game!!

Until Next Time! Keep Rockin’ Those Wraps!!


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