Disney Collection by Jamberry: Volume 2

At long last, the news you have been waiting for!!  NEW Designs are now available in the Disney Collection by Jamberry!  And even BIGGER news…this time, there are JUNIOR SIZES!!  That’s right! There are 22 new designs in all, with 6 of them being for the littles in your life!  So…without further ado, let’s take a peek, shall we??


That’s right! The gang’s all here!  Delightful Ducks, a Playful Pup and of course, the Royal Couple themselves all make an appearance on these fun and fabulous wraps!  Now you and your little one can join the party with the Disney Mickey Mouse and Friends Collection!


Of course, there are several deigns dedicated to the “Big Guy” himself!  We all know that where ever America’s Favorite Mouse goes, fun is sure to follow…so why not make sure it follows YOU by adorning your fingers with these awesome designs?  From Vintage to Classic and even Ultra Modern, whatever your personal style, there is a wrap for you in the Disney Mickey Mouse Collection!


“If you can’t say somethin’ nice…don’t say nothin’ at all!” Not a problem! I have PLENTY to say about these frolicking designs straight from the forest! It is the timeless story we have known and loved all of our lives! Recapture a bit of that enchantment from your youth and keep it right at your fingertips with the Disney Bambi Collection!


And finally, here she is! That dwarf loving, apple eating girl we all know and love!  And look! She brought her friends along with her!  Go ahead…Whistle While You Work because you know with Jamberry Wraps, no matter what your day throws at you, your nails will still be the Fairest in the Land just like Disney Princess Snow White!

So what about the older designs in the Disney Collection by Jamberry? Well, they are still available too, but only for a couple more days!  After Friday, May 20, they will be retired to the vault so if you have your eye on any of those, don’t wait!  Your chance to own those designs is fading fast.  Don’t miss out! You can see and order all the Disney Collection by Jamberry designs On My Site.


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