Another Throwback Thursday!

Yes, it is that time once again!  It is Throwback Thursday!  The day when Jamberry unlocks the vault and brings a past wrap out of retirement for a few short days.  The fact that they are only available for a couple of days is the bad news.  The GOOD news is that they have decided that there are just too many gorgeous wraps in that vault to bring back just one a week, so for the rest of the summer, each week there will be TWO Throwback Thursday Wraps!!  So, ready to see what you have another chance to stock up on this week??


Adam’s Favorite and Beauty in Bloom look fabulous together, but Adam’s Favorite was a favorite of a LOT of people because of it’s layering potential!  Personally, I never cared for this wrap on it’s own…but when I saw how fabulous they look under various other Clear Wraps (which I am obsessed with anyway!), well…let’s just say Adam’s Favorite is now one of Robin’s Favorites too!  Let me show you a few examples…


How about Adam’s Favorite with Butterfly Dream?


And here it is alone and layered under White Chevron, White Mini Polka with Leo, Geo, and Lace, and Overlap!  Simply GORGEOUS no matter HOW you wear it!

You can place your order by going directly to my site, or you can contact me using the info on the right if you would like assistance!

Until Next Time…Keep Rockin’ Those Wraps!



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